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I did some analysis over the weekend that helped me personally with my investing decisions. I started high growth investing in early August with a portion of my IRA. Since then I’ve had a small allocation in REITs, plus big-cap growth names (AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, NFLX, etc.), and high growth names (the stuff discussed here). I had started feeling like both sets of growth names went through similar declines, which surprised me. So I did some digging. I took a look at my 5 growth names, 10 high growth names, and 2 REITs. I took at look at their 52-week high, the lowest value over the last 3 months, and the close of business Friday. Compare the 3-month-low to the 52-week-high I saw how far they fell. Then looking at the 3-month-low to the Friday value I saw how much they have rebounded. The sample size is not huge, but its what I’ve been holding. So I could be drawing conclusions from not enough data. But…

What I found was my growth names fell just a tad bit farther, on average, than my high growth names. The growth names have come back about 5%, but the high growth names about 26%. Even my two REITs rebounded 12%.

This made me question if my thesis that the growth names are going to give me market-beating returns at less volatility.

Added to my high growth holdings today of TTD, AYX and OKTA. Considering more ZS. No new names bought, just using some reserve cash to add to positions that are taking a hard hit today. My high growth allocation is now higher than it has ever been in this account and I’m feeling good with that decision.


You might want to read this on valuation…


and use the link in reply 41494 to understand more about ZS with respect to share dilution.

Long all you mentioned, except NFLX, AAPL, & TTD. AAPL I use BRK.B and their suppliers as surrogates - not a winner this year (except BRK.B). TTD I got in/out of because of fortunate timing and need to cash in winnings. I have several REIT investments too.

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Yeah, one reason I have not bought more ZS, I am concerned about the price and dilution. On the other hand, it is a Stock Advisor pick, which makes me less reserved. For now, just holding what I have.

Replying off-line because my REIT question is OT for the board.

What REITs are you in? I have been in and out of that sector in the past four years. Back in 2015 I was in self storage, which did me well. Right now I am only in IRM and BRX.


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Sorry guys, hit the wrong button above. Wanted my REIT reply to be offline.

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