Westinghouse Unveils the AP300—A Miniaturized AP1000 Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Westinghouse has officially unveiled the AP300, a “downsized” version of the company’s flagship AP1000 Generation III+ pressurized water reactor (PWR) technology. While the small modular reactor (SMR) will enter a nuclear market already rife with development, the AP300’s “nth-of-a-kind” basis positions it as a strong competitor, the company told POWER.

The 300-MWe/900-MWth AP300, launched on May 4, is a compact single-loop version of Westinghouse’s 1,100-MWe AP1000 reactor. “We’re talking about the same technology, the same equipment, the same safety basis—there’s no new technology here,” David Durham, president of Westinghouse Electric Co. Energy Systems, told POWER in an exclusive interview.


No clues on who owns this Westinghouse.


The old Westinghouse was sold in pieces. Most of it became Viacom. But there’s also Wabtek and Westinghouse Air Brake. Nuclear went to Toshiba. And then?

Is this a publicly traded company? And why so mysterious? (Unable to use the Westinghouse name some places?)

2018 sale to Brookfield Business Partners[edit]

On 6 April 2018, Toshiba announced the completion of the sale of Westinghouse’s holding company to Brookfield Business Partners (a subsidiary of Canadian investment management company Brookfield Asset Management Inc.) and some partners for $4.6bn.[7]

Sale to Brookfield Renewable Partners and Cameco[edit]

In October 2022, Brookfield Renewable Partners (another subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management) and Cameco announced the acquisition of Westinghouse Electric from Brookfield Business Partners in a US$7.9 billion deal including debt. Brookfield Renewable and its institutional partners will own a 51% interest in Westinghouse, while Cameco will own remaining 49% as part of the deal.

I worked for Westinghouse Electric Company from August 1968 to December 1971 in Pittsburgh (Forest Hills & Monroeville). I joined Bechtel Power Corporation in San Francisco in January 1972.

My boss at Bechtel called Westinghouse (circle bar W).

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