Enphase performance

I spent a little time this evening looking into ENPH. All I can say is, wow. You need to be a special kind of person to buy and hold a stock like this. If you are able to do it, you would be up about 26x in 10 years from the IPO price. Great example of the wild swings that come with growth stock investing. This puts the last 2 years into perspective.


@AnalogKid70 - Not sure how to follow up on modular reactors since I can’t send messages off line. This looks like a good place to ask since it is your thread, and on ENPH which you compare to small modular reactors in other threads.

Do you have any info on Westinghouse and BEP (brookfield renewable partners) owning 51% of it? Just read an article about them announcing a new reactor design. Can’t find it listed as part of BEP, but maybe because the deal closed Oct last year.

Westinghouse announces a new small nuclear reactor — a notable step in the industry’s efforts to remake itself (msn.com)

This would seem a safer way for me to dabble my toes in the idea of nuclear power making a comeback.


It started rising from 2019. If we follow your calculation method, we wouldn’t have bought it before 2019.