What Are You Adding To Now (BBN)

I don’t often see much discussion about what to buy on any given week or month or whatever. I like checking in here now and then to see what all is going on in Saul’s universe, but I often wonder whether I’ve missed the train, or is there a likely entry point to get in on some of the top convictions.

Strictly from looking at the chart patterns of the positions I saw most recently in Saul’s holdings, it seems there are some favorites that have taken a little setback. Are they buys?

The ones that seem to be ready for a rally (my personal view) are the following?

  • SHOP was previously well over $150, and now trades around $117
  • PSTG was previously over $22, now under $19
  • SQ is in a convincing uptrend, but it was knocked back from around $57 to $47.50
  • NVDA has been up and down a lot, topping $250 now at $231
  • AYX topped $38.80, now rebounded to $34.67

What are you all adding to at this point?

Invest wisely my friends


Might add Arista Networks to that list after its drop yesterday, Solo (should we call you Han :slight_smile: ).

I own each of those 5, btw…amongst my top-12 positions if I remember right as I am not presently at my computer with the list.

Another not discussed much here that is down quite a bit from its mid-March ATH, and my 3rd largest position, is Mercado Libre.

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Might add Arista Networks to that list after its drop yesterday, Solo (should we call you Han :slight_smile: ).</i

I was doing a lot of credit spreads on ANET for the past year, the last of which expired in March, and I decided to give it a rest until the tariff nonsense cooled down. I think I will give it another week or so to see whether the sellers come to their senses.

Han Solo is already taken… but I don’t mind. I used to do a lot of SCCA solo racing, that’s where the handle comes from.

Invest wisely my friends

Any ideas on what to do with ANET?

Any ideas on what to do with ANET?

I didn’t find the recent downgrade by that analyst to have merit…I added shares when it was down 20-some odd points per share a day or so ago.

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Any ideas on what to do with ANET?

Each person can make us his own mind but for me…no action.


  1. The CEO said that MSFT will drop to 10% of revenue in 2018 (perhaps a WAG) down from 16% the past 2 years

  2. The CEO has lowered guidance from 40% YoY revenue growth to mid 20’s in 2018

  3. From a technical perspective, the stock sits at a pivitol area of support

  4. ANET gets lumped into hardware (I recognize its more software) but routers imply hardware

  5. The stock trades at a higher multiple even with the present slide

  6. The 400G is 4-5 year out so they are competing on the 100G that others have time to catch up on

For perspective as well, there hasn’t been some major pullback…we are just back to Jan 1 levels…so I am not seeing some deep value play here.

Earnings are coming up May 3rd…hopefully we have better clarity about guidance. But I tend to see that stocks that disappoint even once, often are not done disappointing.

Just my opinion since you asked but in no way advice to anyone.


I added another little bit of ANET because the price was far too tempting. I’ve held it since January 2017 and have bought more shares a number of times at prices from the 90s to 254. I am happy with the size of my other positions, but have a little cash on hand in case another ridiculous drop occurs.


I’m not planning to sell low either. The stock should bounce back fairly quickly as buyers take advantage of the temporary discount.

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Any ideas on what to do with ANET?
IMPO it’s a bit too soon to add to ANET, the chart is bearish, on MACD it was already negative but stochastic was starting to improve. Friday knocked it all back.

If you believe in chart patterns, Okta looks positive on both MACD and stochastic. But almost all others are still showing negative MACD. But bear in mind MACD tends to trail more than stochastic in my analysis. I like to have both of these positive along with positive moving averages to confirm the entry point. It’s not anything I would recommend following, just my personal voodoo.

Invest wisely my friends


What are you all adding to at this point?

Since you’re the OP, we might ask you to answer that question first.


MDB after lock uo expiration.
ZUO if it holds steady or drops a bit.
ZS if it ever gets near $20.
NTNX if/when i have extra cash or if it dips.

Thinking about cannabis stocks but with GOP in presidency i just dont know what to think about the pot market yet.

QDEL is one i looked into a bit on a thread with “zhang” in the title on NPI. Not explosive growth but may be catching a company positioned for new TAM due to recent acquisition and they seem well managed on the surface.

Not ready to pull trigger on APPN yet. TLND on the short watchlist.


I added to ANET too. I plan to add Twilio and maybe AYX.

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Thinking about cannabis stocks but with GOP in presidency i just dont know what to think about the pot market yet.
That is an area I am also considering, but they all seem to be OTC penny stocks, which I don’t feel comfortable with. Was also considering Miracle Grow, they have been gearing up to sell fertilizers and growing lamps to marijuana growers, and I believe they have also been acquiring some growers.

Which cannabis stocks are you looking at?

Invest wisely my friends
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Early innings for me.
Just started looking at CRON and stocks mentioned here: