What do they all agree on? Here:

Someone posted - obviously somewhat facetiously - to average out, or something, the portfolios of these four people. Obviously, this doesn't include allocation, some positions might have been sold by now (these are from September), and surely almost everything was bought at much lower prices than today's. I was mostly interested in what they all agree on. (Spoiler Alert: NTNX and TWLO) In alphabetical order....

PS if table doesn't work, sorry - it looks good before I post, and I followed directions.






Forgive me if this seems crotchety and I’ll defer to Saul on this one, but I really would prefer this board doesn’t devolve into analyzing peoples portfolios. I come here and contribute so that we can discuss stocks, not the ins and outs of people’s portfolios. If this is something a lot of people want maybe consider starting a new boards to track this kind of stuff.

all the best,


I really would prefer this board doesn’t devolve into analyzing peoples portfolios.

I generally agree, and those that are kind enough to post their portfolios make it very clear that we should all do our own due diligence.

That being said, I find the company recaps and the explanations of buys/sells from more advanced investors to be an invaluable learning tool. I hope that aspect of it doesn’t go away.


Dear Croesus2024,

Welcome to the Board!

You seem to misunderstand the nature and purpose of Saul’s board. It is HIS board and he decides how the board is run. He, by his own admission, is not the youngest anymore and gets frustrated (as do I and most long-time followers) when the board gets cluttered up with irrelevant posts like the one above. We all know what the posters you listed hold, so your post is just taking up space.

You also do not seem to realize that Saul gives his time and wisdom FREELY without being paid, unlike the paid for services of the Fool. Since you subscribe to some of them, take your basic investment questions to those boards where paid TMF employees can devote their time to instruct you in the basics of investing, portfolio management, etc. That’s where I got the basics too.

A few days ago you complained bitterly and nastily about this board (a post thankfully removed), touting Christian values and that some of us may belong to a different religion. From your removed post I assume you belong to a Christian faith. Perhaps you understand what Saul wants by reading my 10 commandments, I originally posted here, https://discussion.fool.com/sauls-10-commandments-32044783.aspx?..

“Saul’s 10 Commandments - King James Version

Saul is The Lord and Boss of Saul’s Investing Board. Accept it!

  1. Thou shalt study Saul’s Knowledge Base, all three parts of it ( https://discussion.fool.com/knowledgebase-newly-revised-part-1-3…) and not bow down thyself unto irrelevant discussions.

  2. Thou shalt accept Saul’s Rules and not pollute this Board with unnecessary arguments and destructive sarcasm.

  3. Take a rest from this Board while thou shalt labor, and do all thy work according to Saul’s Knowledge Base. Provide us with pertinent information about a potential company in which to invest, a candidate according to Saul’s definition. Calculate its 1YPEG, its revenue and earnings growth over time. Provide us with the company’s fundamentals, its recurring income, its moat. Then thou shalt post the fruits of thy labor and thereafter rest.

  4. Honor Saul and his generous labor so that Saul may not get discouraged and his days on this Board may be prolonged for the benefit of us all.

  5. Thou shalt not kill the purpose of this Board by veering off topic or providing discussions of exotic investments or extended elaborations on technical analysis. Reread Saul’s Knowledge Base.

  6. Thou shalt not adulterate investment discussions with political diatribes, personal revelations, and semi-humorous private conversations.

  7. Neither shalt thou steal our time with unnecessary Thank You posts, buying or selling decisions, or hourly stock movements.

  8. Neither shalt thou discuss companies with decreasing revenue, decreasing earnings over a number of years, takeover or sell-off-theparts candidates.

  9. Neither shalt thou covet Saul’s position as Lord of His Investing Board but thou shalt quietly leave and go forth to start your own Investment Discussion Board.


To avoid posts that contribute pitifully little to the understanding of our investments, see also ethan1234’s excellent summary of The importance of board etiquette, https://discussion.fool.com/the-importance-of-board-etiquette-33…. In addition, read and study Saul’s Monday Morning Rules every Monday Morning until you understand what this board is all about.

The only way you’ll learn is to ANALYZE EACH COMPANY YOURSELF. We all would welcome your analysis of your favorite Saul type stock and I promise we will offer helpful comments after you post it.

Awaiting your analysis.

I. M.


I um, liked the post. Guess that different people like different things. If you’re going to police the board hard, then new folks are going to be afraid to share anything at all. -Karen


I certainly agree with Ethan and imyoung about this. This is totally Off Topic for our board and doesn’t belong here.

Croesus, we have a well-functioning polite and courteous board where people work together to analyze stocks, to everyone’s benefit. I don’t think that you are disrupting the board and irritating people on purpose. I really don’t. I believe you simply don’t understand what is expected because you just haven’t read the Rules of The Board (as stated in the KnowledgeBase and in the weekly postings of the Rules).

I’ve already had to have two of your posts deleted (#47045 and #47063), and it’s very rare that we have to do that. Very rare (except for blatantly political posts)! We want to welcome you to the board. But you really need to follow the rules the way we all do. That means sticking with discussing stocks, not comparing and averaging different peoples portfolios, no one-line thank you notes that fill up the board (if you really want to, send them off-board), no extended discussions of the philosophy of investing, or market timing, or technical analysis, etc etc.

Look, if you were on a board dedicated to French cooking, you wouldn’t post about sports cars or skiing resorts, or even about Chinese egg rolls. This board is about the discussion and analyzing of individual growth stocks (with a little slack given to a couple of small very promising biopharmas, because of the amazing results we’ve had with several of them that bulwinkl has recommended).

Please read the Rules of the Board. We really do want to welcome you to the board. Please cooperate with the rest of us.



the company recaps and the explanations of buys/sells from more advanced investors to be an invaluable learning tool

That’s what the board is about.

Is there a minimum market cap that this board tries to use for recommending new stock ideas?

We’ve never officially set one, but we don’t include penny-stocks and we are looking a companies that are already established enough so that we can make some judgement about their growth rate, etc.



Croesus…you are on ignore. Your last two posts quite clearly show your unsuitability and I question your stability to this board.