What do you think about inspira?

This is a small company that I have been following for quite some time, which actually aims to revolutionize everything related to artificial respiration (which no longer needs artificial respiration because it oxygenates the blood directly).

Inspira’s goal is actually to change the existing one that hasn’t changed for decades.
Using one of the company’s products, it oxygenates the blood directly and controls the oxygen levels in the blood, without the need for artificial respiration.
The equation is simple, no artificial respiration = no full anesthesia = no complications for the patient.
There are situations in which the patient is at risk from the anesthesia and not from the reason for which he needs artificial respiration.

Some details about Inspira (iinn)

  1. The company has two main products and one more secondary product, ART-100 which is an Akmo breathing product, ART-500 which is the main product of the company and which is actually the system that oxygenates the blood directly. And in addition another small product called Hyle that connects to the ART-500.
  2. The ART-100 product has contracts valued at tens of millions of dollars, all of which are regulatory conditional.
    The ART-500 product has contracts estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and these contracts are also regulatory conditional. only when there is FDA approval they will come into effect.
  3. The company submitted an application to the FDA for approval of the first product, expected to be approved around the first quarter of the new year.
  4. As befits a growing company, the company lacks cash. I think that now her situation will stabilize after the Fed Chairman’s last speech in which it was said that the interest rate will decrease by 3 beats in 2024.
    In addition, I think that the company’s next fundraising will only be done when the first product is approved by the FDA. This will allow it to raise in a nice and moderate way without harming its investors + some kind of justification for the fundraising, so that the money will be used to implement all the ART100 contracts .
  5. I believe that the ART100 will be used by the company to start operations, some flow of income for the business. But the real show is the ART500, on which there are conditional contracts with an estimated value of over 150 million dollars.

The company today is traded at a value of $13M, the stock is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol iinn.

I would love to hear your opinion on my research, thank you.


Bouncing the message, any opinions on Inspira?

As you mentioned today, inspira is indeed a small company.
But it must be understood that the company is developing a technology and a product that, if everything works according to plan, it breaks the equation in the field of medicine.

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Yes, of course, only today the company reported that the Hyla blood sensor reaches an accuracy level of 95%, which is crazy in my opinion, according to the way the stock is going up today, I’m not the only one who thinks so

Really impressive results that surprised me a lot
Despite a volatile day, it is still very interesting following the data published today

Where can one find information about the contracts worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars?

I had a hard enough time finding their website :frowning:


Look at the latest reports from Inspira in the last two years, all these reports add up to estimated amounts of money in contracts awaiting FDA approval, most of the contracts are for the main product ART-500

As of the end of Q3 they have $6.39M in cash, and they announced a $3.88M offering yesterday, for a total of $10.27M.

Net loss up to Q3 was $8.28M, so looks as if they’ll have cash for another 12 months only, assuming the offering goes well.

Can’t really afford any delays to FDA approval of ART100 expected 1H24. They’ll probably need another offering regardless.

I couldn’t find any mention of contracts under the business highlight sections of any of the last three earnings reports.

Need to study further but I like the products.

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Okay, I found a news item linked to on the company’s website on 8 June 2022:

The company is simultaneously pushing ahead with another of its goals – its strategic distribution agreements, subject to regulatory approvals in the United States, Europe and Israel, jointly targeting $401 million in sales over 7 years.

In January 2022, Inspira announced it had secured a preliminary agreement for a seven-year distribution of the ART devices and systems in six states: Texas, New Jersey, New York, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The agreement with Florida-based Glo-Med Networks Inc targets $212 million in sales subject to regulatory approvals and includes a minimum purchase of 2,121 ART systems and 131,413 disposable units by Glo-Med for use at medical centers and hospitals in the six states. It follows similar subject-to-regulatory-approval agreements in Israel and Europe signed by Inspira in the last quarter of 2021, targeting $189 million of business in Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.


I also connected with Inspira products, very essential beyond business. If fda approval is not delayed too much, this is probably the last fundraising that will happen at such a low value. The investors want approvals, they want contracts that go into effect, so as soon as they approve one of the products, the jump from 0 to 100 will be in seconds.

Do they host earnings calls to go over the results and answer analyst questions? I see there are two analysts following this company, but I don’t see any archived webcasts on their investor relations page.

Before investing in this company I would need to hear the management speak and go over more details of their business. I see they are attending the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference from January 8th to 11th. Perhaps there’s a chance to tune in there?

How likely are the FDA approvals? How quickly can they ramp up production of the ART devices? How much capex is involved? For the $400M in sales in 7 years, how much is in the first year? What is the anticipated gross margin? It’s these kind of details I’m after. Also, to get a sense of whether I can trust management.

Also, thank you for bringing this company to our attention. It’s been a long time since there have been stock discussions on this board.


I don’t know about recent earnings calls, I’m also a relatively new follower of the company and that’s why I brought it up for discussion because there’s something interesting here (:

From what I know, from recent relevant reports and also from old reports, ART100 and the blood sensor has been submitted to the FDA, expected already this year, especially after the last report that HYLA stands for a result of 95%

the company has a long way to go.
If management conducts itself correctly and directs the money to the right places, it will be a great success story

Inspira has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for the clinical use of the ART-100 product, only strengthening the likelihood of obtaining FDA approval for the product and entering into the conditional contracts.


A very interesting collaboration for the company with one of the most respected hospitals in the United States.
Something that can push the company another step forward.

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Since we talked about it here the value of the stock has decreased by 15%, doesn’t the value of the company now exceed its market value? After all, FDA approval will probably come soon, contracts will come into force and at such a value I think it is also potentially for purchase by a large company.

FDA approval is imminent.
The low price only allows me to add more shares to my portfolio at more attractive prices.
Waiting for FDA approval to give a serious boost.
Not a recommendation!

How could anyone know that FDA approval is imminent?

The company has already submitted a request and according to what I know, it takes an average of six months for an answer.
I don’t see any reason why it won’t be approved.