What I did today and why

In the past couple weeks I have trimmed a little AYX and sold my my remaining GH. AYX I had been adding to regularly earlier this year when it was “relatively” flat compared to some of the other favorites here. I may have been a little overzealous, over past few weeks it grew to over 20% position. To me, 20% is just an arbitrary number, and not a hard line of where I feel I need to trim, but since I do not feel it is that much higher conviction, I decided to trim a bit. GH I have been reducing and decided to sell out based on reasons well-discussed on this board. My plan was/is to add to MDB it was around 7.5% and I am working on increasing it. So after the dust settled today, I used some those funds towards MDB. Did today’s drop affect my decision? I would like to think no, but in reality, I probably ended up getting a little less MDB than intended. I figure if the general drop continues I can get more. Same if things turn around. As it stands now, my top 3 positions, TWLO, AYX, and ZS make up 18.5%, 16.5%, and 14.5% respectively. MDB is now at 9%.

Happy to take replies off board if this drifts too far into “portfolio management”/OT.



I bought some MDB, SMAR, ROKU and AYX… all very small qty.
I did sell out of SHOP finally… they have run too high…
Holding ~10% cash for now… only because I cant find something compelling and yet not have large enough position already.