What Is Nordic Walking?

Live Sciece headline: What is Nordic walking?
By Becks Shepherd published about 5 hours ago

Subheadline: We investigate Nordic walking and ask the experts for tips on how to get started.


You may have heard of Nordic walking, but what exactly does it entail? The term refers to a low-impact, but intensive, walking style that uses poles to propel yourself forward.

Gill Stewart, author of The Complete Guide to Nordic Walking and the programme director at Nordic Walking UK says: “Nordic walking is a way of involving the whole body with every step you take, because you use two specifically designed poles and a specific walking technique.”

We already know how beneficial walking can be as a form of fitness. But how does Nordic walking differ? What are the health benefits? And how long should you do it for? To discover everything you need to know about the exercise, we’ve done the research, put questions to an expert and compiled all the information.

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