What new OS features do you use?

For me it is only the ones that are force on me.


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Visual Lookup has been handy in Camera to identify plants I’ve seen all my life, but never knew what they actually were…

Translate has been handy with a Chinese relative who, because of a weird brain problem, can no longer speak, or understand speech, but it turns out, via chats, we can communicate nicely, I use web site to translate my nots to Chinese, copy/paste them to her, works great… Sadly she worked many years as a card dealer in a SF Bay Area Casino, had to give it up, retire early…

About it, i guess…

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I discovered the Translate feature after reading the article. That’s handy.

1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, and 18.

Focus is nice for my iPhone, when automated, except the survey asks only for the new modes and not the old modes folded in. So maybe I don’t use #1.

I like using Private Relay and Hide my e-mail for the privacy.

I tried using Universal control for a while, but with an iMac, a MBP, and an iPad on my desk, with one external monitor shared via KVM switch between the iMac and MBP, it became confusing, so I stopped. Then I went on travel and found it useful to use my iPad as an external monitor paired with my MBP, so I used it again for a few days.


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I think my old iPad Mini2 is too old to use the recent abilities, so it is just a moment of olden days like some other artifacts around here. Well, me, too I suppose… Fun to fiddle with at the time…Idling in various computer bags, does… GD just gave me her 2013 MBP, I peeled all the stickers and such off from her college years, brought it up today as fas as I could, might be more useful than my MBA, but I need to bump the 500Mb SSD I put in there years ago to a 2 Tb SSD, then it would be a good, backup for this old Mac Pro… Hmmm///

Anyway, nice bump in the AAPL shares today to 166.13…



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