What? No Security Cameras?

I was recently asked to join the Board of Directors of a local history museum which has been a very rewarding volunteer experience. They have an excellent set of public exhibits and they have lots of interesting artifacts in their collection.

Recently, they had a false fire alarm trigger and the alarm company that was supposed to be monitoring the museum never called anyone re: the fire alarm going off. It was discovered when an employee first arrived the next morning. When the employee called the alarm company to ask them about the issue, no one even asked for their security code (common protocol) before speaking to them about the situation.

The Executive Director was not happy with the outcome and happened to mention this to me and I recommended a local alarm company that I have known and been a customer of for many years. They came out and gave us a quote (which was quite expensive, but necessary) and we had a bit of a contentious board vote to approve the expenditure.

We just heard from the alarm company that they are unable to procure the cameras that were quoted because there are new import restrictions on security cameras that are manufactured in China, so our installation will be delayed and the quote will have to be re-written.

Looks like we’ll have some more fun at the next Board meeting discussing this little glitch…



I am glad you and other sane people are actually striving to keep things working. Please keep at it!

david fb


Ask the new security company if any of the cameras available via Amazon, etc are appropriate for what you want done. As the ones for sale are already in the US, they are able to get them for the security system they are proposing. It may also be less expensive–or not.


Once we have the new alarm installed, I’ll post a link :wink:

→ don’t want to advertise just now…

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