What the heck is an Afeela?

Who would name a car brand that? That’s the name that a new auto maker collaboration between Honda and Sony are bringing to market in 2026.

I guess this will play out eventually. I recall people asking what the heck was “Verizon” when that brand name first came out. We’re mostly used to it now.

It’s interesting that this new brand will be more human-interaction focused instead of appealing to a consumer’s performance wants. One aspect of this new design is that the auto will feature a lighted marquee above the front bumper that folks will be able to read.

I wonder if the marquee will be displayed backwards so that the person in front of the vehicle will be able to read it when looking in their rear-view mirror??

I know mine would mostly say “Get the %^$# out of my way” !!

=> prefers not to follow those that are not moving along.

By 2025 there will be no rear-view mirrors, replaced by rear-view cameras and AI will figure out how to display the script properly, might even translate it to into the driver’s language, or speak it!

“Hey buddy, the guy behind you wants you to get out of the way!”

Get with the times!

The Captain


A rose by any other name …

I was searching YouTube for an ad that I clearly remember without results. Long experience with Japanese companies has taught me that their concept of what works from a marketing standpoint may be very different than the American perspective.

I may get the details wrong, but the gist of the ad memorializing how the Isuzu I-Mark got its name (romanticized with humor) was:

A group of identifying American men in suits and ties sitting around a conference table with an elderly Japanese gentleman at its end. They are discussing what the name of their new vehicle should be. One of the US kids says it should be named after a bird of prey - “maybe a raptor” as it shows how powerful it is. Another says it should be a name with a number and the letter “X”, maybe the “RX-17”, as American youth would identify with it. Each made a similar suggestion until the Japanese Isuzu executive croaked “I-Mark”. The Americans, confused, looked at each other and questioned “I-Mark?”. The wily Asian once more croaked “I-Mark”. And all the Americans looked at each other and shrugged and confirmed the new name - “I-Mark”.

While the ad was made in jest (ridicule?), after considering other insane (from a US perspective) Japanese product names I am thoroughly convinced that art followed reality pretty closely.

(NEC comes to mind - they named an entire series of computers - stretching from desktop PC’s to huge rack-mounted file servers the PC-5800)

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I’m a little old lady. I like to drive at the speed limit, especially on unfamiliar roads. Especially on narrow “scenic” roads with lots of twists and turns, cliffs, small towns, etc.

Note I said, “AT the speed limit,” not BELOW the speed limit.

It annoys me when tailgaters pile up behind me. There’s a reason for speed limits.

But I do pull over to the side to let them pass from time to time.

I resent drivers who speed on my narrow country road (limit 35 mph). People, pets and deer cross this road. Who gave the drivers the right to exceed the speed limit and kill a deer and a dog near my house? Sometimes I wish I could shoot out a speeder’s tire.



It’s called (or at least was called) a limit because that was the maximum speed thought appropriate for the road condition, size and environment. For the most part, speed limits were not simply randomly selected :slight_smile:

In the USA - although maybe not as much in Europe - the speed limit is taken as a speed floor, i.e. lowest speed you should possibly drive. Maybe transportation departments should rename the phrase? LOL


I though in the USA the speed limit was five to ten miles above the posted speed limit.

The Captain


Yup, that’s the de facto “limit,” but I doubt it’s declared as such in any of the various states’ driver’s handbooks.


The wisdom of crowds! :wink:

The Captain

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@WendyBG - I’m married to a little old lady. :wink:

I hope that I didn’t give the impression that I like to drive 90 mph everywhere all the time. That’s not how I drive. I do however, insist on going the speed limit and when folks who drive below the speed limit - especially on highways - they would get the “Get out of my way” message.


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I wonder if it will have filters or not? For example will it literally speak “hey a$$hole, get out of the left lane so I can safely pass”?


That started when it became known that the police would not pull you over unless you were more than 10mph over the limit. At which time your insurance company would also be interested.

I will be stealing that line.

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On my last road trip vacation, I set the cruise control at the speed limit, got in the right lane, and enjoyed the drive. When we got to our destination for the day, I was relaxed and not high on stress hormones from trying to move as fast as I possibly could while watching the rear view mirror for the local constables.

I will now do the same from this point forward. It is the way I will travel.



I drive a company truck with gps that tracks not only location, but speed. acceleration. deceleration.

In other words, if I stop quickly for a light that turns yellow, it ends up on a spreadsheet. I get cut off, and hit brakes to avoid a accident, it shows up in the spread sheet.

To avoid showing up on the upper management nag sheet, I drive everywhere 5 miles an hour under the speed limit. No apologies.

Also, in Texas and South Dakota the speed limits are very generous. In Texas, 75 mph on some two lane rural roads with wide shoulders, and 70 on two lane rural roads with no or narrow shoulders. The fines for speeding are high, and the fudge factor for speeding is about none.

South Dakota has 80 mph speed limits on the interstates and the allowance for excess is 0 miles per hour. I have seen 55 mph road signs on gravel roads in South Dakota. So again. Best to follow the law.

Personally, in my personal car, I tend to drive about the speed limit. It just reduces stress and on interstates leaves me some room to pass people who are going just slightly slower than me.



I knew Wendy was violent.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The reason for this car design is Unreal Engine 5, UE5, by Epic.

There has long been radio music in cars. Now there is TV, movies, video for the kids.

Gaming is next.

Aer Lingus has UE5 at every seat.

Roughing out the numbers $50 B is the music industry, $60 B is the video industry and $180 B is the gaming industry per year.

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With that, you made me think first of tulips, but then this came to thought: