What's Going On With My Desktop

I’m having issues with my desktop. Apparently Chrome or maybe MS has made a recent change that has really screwed things up. Not sure if I can explain my issue properly or not but here goes.

I used to be able to open several windows (i.e.: WellsFargo, Barclay, QRZ, etc) and their icons would remain on my desktop. Now if I visit a website mulitple times in one day I have to logon multiple times. It’s a real PITA and I can’t figure it out. The icon is no longer there like it used to be and I have to entry the full site address. Again and again and again.

I’ve reset Chrome back to factory setttings (at least I think I did) and it doesn’t seem to help.

Any idea what’s going on and who’s the culprit?


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After trying to make sense of your question I realized you must be on a Mac. Sorry, no help from this Firefox/Windows user. 8-(

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As a Mac user, not a clue, but we also have no idea of your hardware, OS versions, might be helpful if not the latest software versions… It’s all in the details! (Not a golfer)

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No, I’m on Windows 11. Sorry I didn’t elaborate.

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You know several years ago on the old board (Motley Fool) there was some TURKEY that would ask similar questions all the time. I guess he thought he was cute. I thought he/she was long gone. Here are the details:

HP Envy 700-515XT DT

16GB DDR3-1600MHz

2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive

16GB mSATA SD Cache

Intel Core i7-4790 3.6G 8M 84W CPU

Windows 11

Windows Security Essentials



I am so sorry I don’t have a Mac or and Apple or whatever. Will iPhones suffice?

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They may have changed something in Chrome. Let’s try this. You will need to create new icons to see if that will correct the problem.
Add desktop shortcuts to favorite pages

  1. Open Chrome browser, and go to the website you want to create the shortcut for.
  2. At the top right, where the 3 dots are click on that
  3. click Save and Share.
  4. Click Create Shortcut.
  5. In the Box Enter a name for the shortcut. Make sure it is different than the original
    ICONs on desktop
  6. Create and it will ask you if you would like to pin it to your taskbar. Say yes.
  7. Right click on ICON on taskbar and hit unpin.

Now when you unpin it from the taskbar it will put it on the desktop and then you can log in with that Icon and set it up. Hope that helps.


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Back then we had multiple help boards for PCs, Apple Macs, iPhones, Watches, so we knew, hopefully at least maybe the hardware… in this new TMF, all but this board vanished, I still keep an eye open in case I can offer some help from time to time, but try to use the apple stock board for Apple topics, maybe a bit of help like the old days… We can’t go back, but on any help board, group, anything that helps sort out problems for the helper is more likely to trip/trigger a useful answer sooner…

Good luck…

(AAPL invested since 1993, last PC tossed when I retired in 2002)


[quote=“buynholdisdead, post:6, topic:102426”]
Now when you unpin it from the taskbar it will put it on the desktop and then you can log in with that Icon and set it up. Hope that helps.

Hey Andy. Thanks for the help. I followed your suggestion and everything worked fine until step 7. After I unpinned the new ICON it was removed from the taskbar however that was the end of it. The ICON is gone. The “it” you spoke of did not put it on the desktop.

Anywho, we tried and I appreciate your help.

Just wish I could figure out how to get it back like it use to be. All I had to do was open the website and it would stick an ICON on the desktop and it would stay there until I either closed out of the website or rebooted. I only reboot on Saturday morning so the ICONs would stay there all week.

I’ve worn out Google trying to figure this one out. I have a feeling it’s got something to do with Chrome’s settings but who knows what. It could also have something to do with MalwreBytes or CCleaner.



The little (very little) I’ve used Chrome I’ve never had it put any sort of icon on my desktop. What I get is a Chrome icon along the bottom bar. When I hover the mouse of the icon it reveals all the instances of Chrome that are open.


Each instance may have multiple tabs, but it just shows the one currently on top for each instance. They all stay there until I shut them down, generally individually. Unless it is a site that times out (bank, broker, etc) I don’t have to keep logging in as long as I don’t close that specific instance.

That is the same as what I get in Firefox.


No problem Golfer.

That is weird. It puts it on my desktop when I do it. I have about 35 icons and it puts it in the middle of them so I had to look closely to find it. I did it multiple times and it worked every time.


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