When all else fails they take you to war

So said Gerald Celente. As China fails I just wonder where they will go to war and, IMHO, there is a good chance of it not being Taiwan.

Russia’s invasion of The Ukraine may have far reaching consequences, particularly if there is any political unrest in Russia. Much of Siberia was in Chinese hands for hundreds of years and were taken by Russia in a series of unequal treaties when China was particularly weak. They want it back.

I first became aware of this quite a while ago when I was in China, talking to a Chinese businessman who had business interests in Russia (he didn’t call it that).

Following the fall of Communism many of the original Russian inhabitants have left for European Russia and those that were left bore a disproportionate number of casualties in The Ukraine. China has been filling the void.



I agree that the possibility of China dumping Putin and having a rapprochment with the USA is a real if amazing possibility.

Putin looks ever more likely to be a loser, even IF he were to somehow hang on with his Ukrainian fantasy if the USA isolationists win out here.

Siberia definitely invites, as your links underline. But there would also be huge benefits to China of undoing at least some of the immense damage of shattered trade relations with the West.

Little steps first.

david fb


I just Googled the Russian inflation rate. Google has allowed Russia to hide away the 12% rate for October. It is now just 6.7%. The lying has become complete. The lying is no longer run of the mill.

I’ve brought this subject up before. China has a long memory and they want those resource-rich territories back.

If China invaded Taiwan, that would create huge issues for them.

If China grabbed land back from Russia, no one would lift a finger to help Russia.


Sticks in my mind that one very prominent “thought leader” has consistently been against Xi, and, other than Nord Stream 2, consistently backed Putin.


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