When I was a kid

I can remember gas costing around 50¢ a gallon. When I started driving gas cost around $1.20 a gallon. Last Wednesday I paid $4.45 a gallon. It was just short of $100.00 to fill my tank. I guess I’m fortunate that I can afford to fill my tank and with traveling to work twice a week, I only have to do that once a month right now.

Gas touches everything we buy. I don’t know that there’s a quick fix. I’ve gotten used to different items being unavailable at the store during the pandemic. It seems to be continuing so I suppose this is how it’s going to be for a while.

AC at least I can find some things I like


. . . There used to be phenomena called “gas wars” in which service stations {YUP, that's what they were called back then--MOST had service bays} would slash their prices to attract customers. I can recall gasoline being 15.9 cents per gallon in Nashville Tennessee !

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I think gas prices weren’t on my radar until on a trip to Illinois my Dad made the comment that we needed to fill up before entering Indiana. That state had a higher state gas tax. Also I remember the price dropping below a dollar in the mid to late 80s.

AC thinks there was a glut

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In 1973 (pre-teen) I was in Cocoa Beach and got a 14’ jonboat with a small 4.5hp outboard. Its onboard tank (no ext tank option) held exactly one gal. I remember $.299/gal. $.30 lasted me a week. I took the boat, a quarter+nickle and a 1 gal can to within a couple blocks of the station… hoof’d it 2 blocks there and 2 back… partially fill the tank and run home. Did this for 2 summers.

I don’t remember what gas was when I started driving… Last week I filled my 2 gal, 2-stroke can, and it cost me $11.60! ($5.80/gal**!**) This was for the really good stuff, 87oct non-ethanol. I don’t use anything but… God this is killing me…