When pros take over from founders

I’ve seen this time and again at IBM, at Hewlett-Packard, at Starbucks, at Chico’s FAS, at Home Depot, and now at Apple, often when pros take over from founders the story goes sour. Hewlett-Packard, Starbucks, and I think Home Depot called on the founder to fix things. At Apple an incredibly creative founder is dead.

Forget the hardware for a moment, Apple’s secret sauce since 1984 has been the “User Interface Guidelines” materialized in operating systems and homogeneous, intuitive user experience. It started with the Mac and Jobs found newer computer-like devices where this intuitive user experience could be applied successfully. The iPhone is the successful marriage of a century old communication technology with a decades old user interface. Technology applications get commoditized faster and faster and innovators have to innovate faster and faster to stay ahead of the pack. Steve Jobs is a hard act to follow.

October 10, 2011
Steve Jobs and Creativity

Steve Jobs is associated with a long list of “insanely great” products none of which he invented (as far as I know). He is being called a visionary along with many other accolades. What is a visionary? Just how does this “vision” thing work?


Denny Schlesinger


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Denny Schlesinger