Where did all the Amazon delivery trucks go?

Amazon was running its own delivery vehicles up until a few months ago. Each time I was driving or bicycling, I would see several of the gray vans and trucks with the Amazon logo on the roads or at houses making deliveries. And suddenly Amazon switched back to using UPS and USPS for its deliveries. So what happened to all those trucks?

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Amazon vans have a strong presence in our neighborhood. Occasionally we get small items from them via USPS, but the vans go by a couple times a day. We are on a dead end street, so it’s not traffic to elsewhere. Perhaps one of my neighbors is keeping self delivery profitable here.

Also have been shopping on line at Lowes.com, which had promised a 2 day delivery. 8 days later, it finally came, just to have to be returned as scratched, with 2 more on it’s way as a replacement. Supposed to come tomorrow, and I wonder how long that will get delayed. Happily returns are just made in the store which is down the street. They did not carry this particular item at my store. Not exactly competition for Amazon, other than Amazon also not having the particular desired product.

who has received via Amazon van two deliveries of identical items this week myself, though that’s because they split the order up rather than wait for restock


Around here I’m seeing as many as ever. Including a Rivian van just this morning in fact.

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Overloaded delivery system. Normal for this time of year. Plus, Amazon gets to choose which deliveries go via which carrier(s), so they can maximize delivery efficiency by grouping deliveries for themselves to maximize profits (i.e. reduce internal delivery costs by having lots of deliveries close to each other) and send the rest via whichever carrier is most effective for each package.


Ayup. You may not be seeing Amazon trucks, because the trucks being used have rental company logos like Penske on them. I noticed that when I had my RS in the 80s, and UPS didn’t have so much competition. UPS delivered to my store just about every day, and, this time of year, they would use anything they could get their hands on.

Plenty of Amazon trucks in my neck of the woods. I was backing out of my garage yesterday, and noticed two big Amazon boxes on my front porch. I didn’t order anything, so I looked at the labels. They were addressed to a condo in the next building. They also had “HEAVY” stickers on them. Oh, joy. Fortunately, I drive a station wagon, with a nice, flat, cargo floor. So, I schlepped the boxes into the car, stopped at Greg’s condo, put the boxes on his porch, and went on my way.