Where inflation is and isn't. Spring 2024


It’s weird chart, because the one thing that most consumers probably notice: “food” isn’t on the list anywhere except for “restaurant meals.”

What’s up with that?


It’s probably included in “GROCERIES” …


1.2% Groceries.

Meaning we are well below the target.

The odder thing is rental cars might not include rental car insurance. Just like when you sign a rental car agreement things are bifurcated.

JEEBUS! I read it over 3 times. THREE TIMES and missed it. I need an extra helping of brain food this morning.


Maybe your mind mumbled it as “grosseries” or “grotesqueries” and dismissed that thinking “Gosh, I thought that was rising faster, and so things ain’t so bad on that front.”

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I have a lot of respect for my elders. LOL

Auto insurance sticks out like a sore thumb.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem to be driving much faster and more carelessly than prior to the pandemic. Then again, the older I get, the slower I drive. Which seems counter intuitive. I have less time to live, so you’d think I’d want to shorten the time I spend driving. :grin:

Also, IIRC, car manufacturers decided to build more expensive cars due higher profit margins. I wonder if that, and more expensive EVs, is also driving up the cost of auto insurance.


That and the way cars are built in modules rather than individual parts. If a rock from a truck broke a headlamp on Tom’s & Ray’s 1963 Dodge Dart, it was a < $10 part to replace. But if the same thing happens on a modern car, it is a few hundred $$ just for the part if you can figure out how to replace it yourself.


It’s not you! Took me twice through the list as well. They changed all the entries from the normal CPI names for some reason … Food away from home = RESTAURANT MEALS … Food at home = GROCERIES.


Word. Cracked the tail light on our old Toyota van when a 2x6 slipped on the way to the workshop. Called my dealer for the part: $256, because you can’t buy just the plastic, you have to buy the entire assembly. Labor was extra if you don’t know how to remove & replace it yourself. Probably another $200.

I went to AutoZone and bought some tail light repair plastic with a sticky back, covered the hole, and never looked back. Cost me $12, and that was for $2 worth of plastic.


had a cracked rear taillgiht, was close to $200 bucks at local auto parts store. Did find it for much less on Amazon, but still over $100. Probably would have been $300 if taken to a shop to have them swap it out.

I am definitely seeing the need to stay invested in equities even as a retiree because of the need to try to stay even with inflation.