Which Spotify to buy

Hi, I’m an American citizen living in Denmark, as such I’m unable to purchase American equities… I want to buy Spotify, but they are listed on the NYSE, though they are a Swedish company… There seems to be a Spotify listed on a German exchange by the name of 639 – is that the same Spotify? Or does it at least mirror SPOT on the NYSE?

Many foreign stocks are listed in the US as depository receipts. A middle agency, probably a bank or financial institution, owns the foreign shares but its the depository shares that are listed. This allows listing in US dollars and avoids currency confusion.

In the US its the same company but not the same shares. Not sure about Germany.

As an American living in Denmark, there is nothing legally preventing you from opening an account with a US Broker and trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ, but for varying reasons, many brokers have chosen to not make it easy. Here’s an article that offers some suggestions:


Who notes often when a US company is listed on a foreign exchange, it’s similar to foreign companies being listed as ADRs on US exchanges…

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