Whoops, another drool worthy idea flushed

Remember all the hootin’ and hollering about Gigacasting? Probably louder than the (now dead) “unboxing” paradigm shift that was going to save 50% of production costs.

Whoops, there goes Gigacasting:

So: Charger network, fired.
Unboxing, re-boxed.
Gigacasting, uncasted.
Workforce, reduced.

So it’s going good, I guess?


See how there is nothing being said about Optimus, Dojo, or FSD? That seems strange. You would have thought he would have stopped Optimus, and Dojo. After all he has been buying a ton of NVDA chips, you would have thought that would be an easy place to cut. Hmmmm, wonder what’s going on.


Was behind the News paywall but also reported elsewhere…

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Will the cult members care? Nah.

I sold my TSLA at $257.34 last July. Now it’s $180. Do the cult members care? Nah.

Apple phone sales dropped “less than expected”. Company announces $110B stock buyback. Do the cult members care? Nah.



EV growth rate is slowing. Price wars. More competition. And now battery problems in winter. Not enough charging stations.

Tesla is adapting. And still has much capacity. The changes should be no surprise.

Are you buying at these prices? Selling? Selling short? Or sitting tight? Options?

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Makes me wonder if he’s lining up to sell Tesla. All of these “nuts” moves add up to massive cost reductions to make it more attractive for some other entity to pick it up. Car business is hard. This has “mission accomplished” all over it.

2019 M3 SR+

I am still in with Tesla. I like to buy the dips. I think the stock will do ok in a year or two.