Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders

But everyone loves a clown.



Weasel word research…

But new research on leadership suggests that, at a certain point, having a higher IQ can be viewed as harmful.

some studies have hinted that followers might subjectively view leaders with stratospheric intellect as less effective

The Captain


The really smart people don’t actually advertise how smart they are…




People drive themselves nuts at times dealing with me.

People love a useful ejit. My auditory sets that up. Then they discover the rest of my IQ is higher than theirs. LOL The bane of my existence.

John said it best.

It really is anyone who sees this in life. The IQ is not the problem. Other people’s aspirations are the problem.

How many small mom and pop business owners want a free lunch while someone else does the work? Most of them. And they do not survive.

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How do you come up with that? being smart and being an a/h are unrelated. Plenty of people who really are smart, pimp themselves all the time. And some, are like Glen Ford in that movie about the fastest gun in the west. He was but didn’t talk about it.

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Really smart people solve the problems at hand. Even if that means pushing people aside who wont solve anything at all.

We have seen the exact opposite of that during supply side econ (remember this was an econ board once upon a time) pig days. The biggest liars had been pushing people aside.

This entire thread is about incoherent concepts mixed with weird grudges but mostly stars our currently de moda modern forms of status posing mixed with one reference to a good deep song.

One of the most successful men I ever met opened his conversation with me by saying:

I am a tested proven mongoloid idiot with low IQ. I do not need brains because I buy my “brains” [those scorning quotation marks were clearly audible in a pause and then carefully tuned slurred pronunciation]. I have intention and care about things more than most people. I care about things and get them done."

david fb
(and yes, I am a friggin “genius” [see above about quote marks] like quite a few here. Without ethics, morality, and caring we ought not give a shyte about IQ.)


Indeed. What I’ve found, even, is that most of the really smart folk who’ve drifted across my radar screen don’t appear to even be aware of their smartness. Seem to be so aware of what they don’t know and accepting of what they know that turns out to be just not so that they can’t fathom that most folk aren’t like that.


That doesn’t seem very smart :wink:


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“How many small mom and pop business owners want a free lunch while someone else does the work? Most of them.”

That, perhaps more than anything you posted , shows how clueless you are about small business. Sad

I think in the 20 years I have been at TMF, I have only put two posters on ignore.

The third time is a REAL charm!

Without cheers!


The biggest promoter of poverty wage capitalism is small business.

You can add me to the p-box if I’m not already there. {lol}



Murph plus…twenty to cover it

Otherwise deleted. I wont lower myself.

People are pretty sick of some watching fox news or whatever and then insulting anything they do not understand.

If there is a P box his getting away from me would be welcome. He thinks taking things out on others in a public space is legitimate. Meanwhile not a word on econ in an econ forum. Unless it is nonsense propaganda.

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@intercst, on this one you are dead wrong. Sorry, you’re right about a lot of things, but not this one. The vast majority of small businesses have zero employees. Last report says that 81% of small businesses have zero employees, all the work is done by the founder and sometimes their spouse, and sometimes their children.


That only goes so far. There can be people working under the table.

I have a one man shop for much of what I am doing. I have the NFT business just me. I have the game business just me. I have a partnership to start a SM…that would by much larger. None of those have workers under the table.

But brick and mortar mom and pop one man shops? Some have no one on the payroll and a full staff miracles do happen. Sarcasm

Meanwhile the wife or girlfriend has children on the state insurance, food stamps etc…

There is no 81% of small businessmen at all.

LOL it is kindness

Needing twenty to post

Doesn’t really address intercst’s post. Even if most SB’s have no employees doesn’t mean the one’s that do (the ones relevant to this thread) aren’t the biggest promoters of slave wage capitalism. And the single person businesses don’t live on wages. They get the whole ball o’ wax. As soon as they have to pay somebody the wages will become unbearable.

PS: I haven’t done a survey so i don’t really know if SB’s are the biggest promoters of poverty wage capitalism but knowing people like I do, it wouldn’t take much to convince me


The heart of it, the SB’s failure is passed along to the employees. The arrogance is unbelievable in the process.

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Data from the BLS shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years . Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.

That 65% more often than not is human failure at the top. Laziness and bull blanking are the biggest problems. Blaming the labor is the biggest load of it you can find. The moment a SB is blaming the labor do not waste your time and money with ejit. He is dishonest.