Why Sam Altman got fired

Story is that Sam Altman is close to cracking the nut of “Generalized AI” and failed to report that to the Board.

Generalized AI is an algorithm that surpasses human capability and creativity. The profit making organization that corners the market on it “will capture the light cone of all future value in the universe.”



The true conundrum emerges. If so, should which of these must I do:

buy shares
organize mass spiritual/psycho/humanistic resistance (of what which to whom?)
buy gold
sell everything, especially gold, give all to the poor, and repeat “Oh wow oh wow”

Will the “powers of the world” all attempt massive kidnapping of the engineers and their mothers? Terrorize the owners into selling out?

Will the AI take out a copyright on some form of digital YWH and print 666 on everything?

I mean, I really and truly want to know.

david fb


Well, the non-profit Open AI Board was originally organized as a compromise. The initial investors’ return was capped at 100X their investment, with the excess after that going to the public good.

Don’t know if that’s changed with the larger Microsoft involvement. I assume it has.



Wrong question! The right question, "Why do people go watch horror movies and go to scary theme parks?

Tesla has one of the most advanced AI infrastructures. Over five million cars collecting data and Dojo to crunch the data. Tesla is starting to collect data to train Optimus, the humanoid robot. These robots will be collecting data in a virtuous cycle to train themselves. Yet no one seems to be worried about Tesla. Is Microsoft such an ogre?

The truth of the matter is that AI is owned by the deepest pockets because it’s not something that two guys in a garage can do. They can dream it up but execution requires gigabucks.

BTW, intelligence is not algorithmic.Consider the saying, “There is nothing new under the Sun.” The Universe is just a collection of fundamental particles. A dozen or so particles? The variety we see in the Universe are the myriads of ways of combining them. The combinations that work survive, the others decay. There is no algorithm to do that. It’s the result of random mingling. Everything new under the Sun is just a novel way of organizing giga-gazillions of fundamental particles.

Ever wonder why we invented the Scientific Method?

To filter fact from fiction generated by human intelligence.

The Captain

PS: What to do about Q*, Microsoft, et al? Bring back the trust busters.


Correct. Generalized AI understands mathematical proofs and how to apply them to solve a problem. Chat-GPT just guesses on the next word in a string based on the statistics from a large database.



More on Q*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d0kk88IE8c

No we are getting into philosophic discussions about the nature of body and mind: are they one, or are they dual? If they are one and the same then everything is ultimately dependent on the laws of physics - particles and forces.

From the NYT:
“Last month, G42 announced a partnership with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT”
"G42’s name is drawn from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the science-fiction series by Douglas Adams, in which the number 42 represents the answer to “the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.” (The G stands for group.) Forty-two is really our mission,” Mr. Xiao said in a promotional video for the company last year. “In that amazing book, 42 was the answer to the meaning of life.”

Maybe G stands for “Gulp!”

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Make that a “BIG GULP”.

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I’m pretty sure physicists have some algorithms to describe these fundamental processes, including models with randomness. These models by definition are not perfect replications of nature, but they will capture at least some of the essential processes and patterns, I would guess. In an area that touches on your comment on survive versus decay, the theory of evolution is an algorithm that describes which genetic combinations persist or not in biological populations, and also includes random processes.


Buy Microsoft. The Chat GPT imbedded into Edge is good, not great, good.

Like Windows 11 and Office 365, good not great.

I believe that ChatGPT will give Microsoft a second wind like the Iphone breathed new life into Apple.

Also, buy Tesla. They have not only a massive data lake of real world visual data, it gets larger every day. Add in the data take from X and you actually have a better training data set than ChatGPT.

I heard in this YouTube video (Take info here with a salt block) that the algorithms really matter a lot less than the data set and compute.