Winners of the Generative AI space

I see in a not so distant future, companies like Netflix producing an increasing share of their content through generative AI. This would shift budgets from production into AI spend. Massive data centers, running sophisticated AI software managing enormous amounts of data. Cost/benefit could be an important decision factor. So the cheapest to train and to run to generate content the most profitable these companies would be. The same could be said about music, writing, etc.

On a first note, I wonder what the impact on the different industries like entertainment this would have.

Then on a more immediate way, I wonder what companies would benefit from this. Thinking on NVDA, AMD, and others. There are also other players that could have an edge here by designing cost efficient ASICs targeted at specific AI workloads. My question would be if they have the resources, the vision and ability to execute to capture this opportunity.

What does the community think about this?


I do not see it at all. I see the hype for it. Big difference. Will Netflix invest in it? Sure why not. Will the AI they buy work? No.

Have a look at Adobe Firefly recently announced, or the explosion of projects around stable diffusion which is open source, or what Meta is doing. They could start with cartoons, but they would easily move onto real characters. Mix it with unreal engine, or add a layer of generative AI to unreal engine. AI has a compounding effect. It’s just a matter of time.


I have rendered animations. It is not easy at all to move to realism. The computer power would have to be much more than you are assuming.

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Granted, realism for human like characters we are not yet there. However for anything else we are doing it already. The technology being developed by Nnvidia and others, massively parallel architectures like H100, are generating a quantum leap in compute power, and AI itself will help in find ways to improve algorithms for achieving realism with human like characters. It won’t happen overnight, but we are already on track and it won’t take decades.

Good talk btw!


The images are the least of it. The story telling is a much bigger problem. AI does not tell stories worth anything.

BTW on a related note. What are the odds call centers in corporate America are going up in cost with AI. I avoid the chat options now. Because the AI even calls itself an 'agent" and wont turn me over to a human being. Pay for AI and no one usually gets a result from it. I have to call the call center or write a human being an email instead. There possibly is hiring going on across this country for call centers.

Right now there is technology that transcribe speech to text and run AI on it to extract metadata (keywords), extract sentiment and suggest potential answers as well as information that the caller could potentially benefit from (e.g. the manual for a device, terms and conditions, nearest branch or pickup location, etc). There are studies that show that the younger generations prefer to chat to a bot vs with a human, as it is available everywhere and they don’t need to move to go to a quiet place to “talk”.

All this data is then analyzed to understand why people are calling, what are the top reasons, what product/service features are failing that generate the most problems, and then use that to prioritize future launches, new products or service enhancements.

I see all this really helping to scale. It would never replace a well-educated human interaction, granted, but it allows to deliver products and services at a much lower price point, as the after sales costs are now lower.


People love fiction writing. Cartoons are nowhere near being rational. People grow up.

Like many posts on message boards. :slight_smile:



I am not pointing fingers but if y’all loved supply side econ you were easily led astray by about as big a liars as you could find.

My flack really only comes from the true believers in that crap.

Maybe not soon enough to start a “losers in the Generative AI space” yet, but they’re coming: