Woman scammed out of $655K 401k account, now she has to pay taxes on it

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The US needs to toughen laws. The US needs to make new laws that regulate banks so accounts can not be cleaned out. Take 3 days with security checks first. The bank should have to contact the person taking the money and do a background and credit check. If fraudulent actors regardless of stopping a crime attempted financial criminal activity like this should carry a ten-year sentence without parole. Anyone taking over $50k should face 25 years. If the perp is in Russia an entire network ISP etc should be destroyed by the US government. Stop acting like it matters to attack the Russians. You think the Russians are not attacking us?

That last bit will be available when the hardware security is increased going forward.


Fake or dead-end routings are easy to do, so tracking stuff back to its source is not possible if the scammer wants to cover his/her tracks.

That sounds very similar to what my client relayed to me, and that I posted about a couple of days ago.


I’ve had a few instances where my computer locked up, and a message box popped up stating that I needed to call tech support at the given #. I always just reboot, and so far that has worked.

Also get emails once in a while warning me that an account has been compromised, and a response is needed ASAP. I never click on an embedded link in an unsolicited email, so I’d just log into my accounts and verify that nothing is wrong, no unrecognized transactions, no money withdrawn, nothing.

I wish the article would have dived deeper into how the scammers rerouted the 800# on the card of the victim to their scam call-center. I think I’ll google that topic and see what pops up.

Kind of hate to admit it, but I treat everything that comes across via the internet as a possible scam, a healthy dose cynicism is much needed nowadays. The photo that Frances Sharples has of hyenas devouring a zebra is a great metaphor for how the online world can work.


Which is why I always look at the headers for each e-mail received. Pretty easy to tell the scammers from the valid messages that way. If the sender e-mail is not from the alleged sender, DELETE.