World's Richest Have Lost $1.4 Trillion In 2

(Schadenfreude anyone?)

World’s Richest Have Lost $1.4 Trillion In 2022 After Rapid Gains

It’s a stark contrast to last year, when soaring markets boosted the world’s population of high-net-worth individuals by about 8%, including 13% in North America, according to a Capgemini World Wealth report released Tuesday.…

As my Grandma sagely asked, “But is it all on paper?”


I was just wondering if the drop in crypto had hurt the oligarchs and drug cartels much.…

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Elon Musk’s net worth has gone from $340 billion to $197 billion.

Zuckerberg and Bezos have lost about $64B each.

My losses, thank to my skillful stock picking, are less than any of those three.


As soon as I can clear the tears from my eyes, I’m starting a GoFundMe page for these guys.


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Poor babies. Let’s zero out government spending on education and infrastructure, so the “JCs” can have another tax cut.


I am actually very good with the rich being much richer.

I am not okay with the level of complete ignorance in other quarters holding onto supply side econ.

The rich get richer with what I am prescribing. Demand side econ.