WSJ: Some Fanbois to Musk: Enough Already

WSJ headline: With Elon Musk’s Twitter Bid in Flux, Some Tesla Fans Say Enough Already

Electric-car maker’s stock has tumbled around 30% since billionaire disclosed his stake in social-media company…

“I wish he would walk away,” said Gary Black, managing partner of the Future Fund LLC, which owns roughly $50 million worth of Tesla, according to FactSet. Mr. Black, a Tesla booster, said he views Twitter as a distraction that is likely to demand more of Mr. Musk’s time than the billionaire expects.


The recent slide in Tesla’s stock price has prompted some, including Mr. Black, to press Tesla to repurchase its own shares. Buybacks can project confidence to investors and support stock prices by reducing a company’s share count. Tesla was sitting on roughly $17.5 billion in cash as of the first quarter.


“Unless it is stopped, the woke mind virus will destroy civilization and humanity will never reached Mars,” Mr. Musk tweeted last week.

Gee, Tesla is up 15% for the week.

We know part of the decline was Elon selling his shares to fund Twitter purchase. Could he be buying back those share?

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