WW3 began in 2014 in Crimea

Vladimir Putin suggested on Thursday that it’s time for Russia to stay in the business of territorial expansion — drawing direct allusion to long wars with the West to that end.

It comes as the Russian army has spent weeks trying to take the Donbas — Ukraine’s eastern region that, according to Kremlin propaganda, should be full of ethnic Russians waiting for Moscow’s arrival.


“When he laid the new capital, not one country of Europe recognized this territory as Russia, they all recognized it as Sweden’s,” Putin said. “And there, since time immemorial, the slavs had lived alongside the Finno-Urgic peoples, and this territory was located under the control of the Russian state.”

This is why it is pointless to negotiate with Putin. He plainly states his goals are to expand the Russian empire to its previous borders.


One analyst yesterday discussed Russia’s “burn rate” of men, weapons, supplies and money in general. He was predicting Putin would need to negotiate in the next six months. As the Russian economy can not keep this up.

I say man nice shot.

The quickest way to end this war is for a Russian to off Putin. We all know that.