WWDC 2024 - A.I. = Apple Intelligence?

$27.00 approx in two days. WTFFF!! Teeth are falling out from grinning…
for now…

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The bull argument for Apple and AI is that what AI is missing is a user interface and universal access. This is precisely where Apple’s past home runs have come from, taking nearly/newly mature tech, making it work seamlessly, and bringing it to the masses. If Apple get’s this right, it cements market share for a decade or more. That’s a big if, but it’s what Apple is pitching and the market is buying.

Here’s is Bloomberg’s take today.

Wall Street is betting that new iPhone AI features — including Apple’s agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT — will spur a massive upgrade cycle among users who have been holding on to older devices.

Investors have “more confidence that Apple is back in the game, that it has caught up competitively, and that it will see a re-acceleration of growth, given the installed base of phones that will need to upgrade to take advantage of this new tech,” said Jim Awad, senior managing director at Clearstead Advisors. “Apple will be a major beneficiary of AI, and the stock is catching up.”


'Bout time. I only hope that “Apple Intelligence” lives up to the hype and isn’t soon mocked as “Apple Idiocy”. :blush: In the meantime Apple, please start fixing bugs instead of only concentrating on spiffy new features!


Which bugs are you referring to? And did you report them to Apple yet? I’ve reported many bugs over the years, and most of them eventually get fixed. Sometimes I even post them to twitter (with @apple and @applesupport copied) to see if they garner any comments from others who’ve experienced the same bug.


I can’t recall the last time I spotted an iOS bug, but maybe I’m not loading up as many apps n stuff as some, not gamer, etc… I would like to see where Photos goes, like to see some tweaks, sorting options… Desktop version, too… Calendar in the desktop is annoying, doesn’t remember print settings, could use more note space in the Month view,… And bring back iTunes! But overall, what I see coming looks great, likely will make things complicated for some, interesting times these are!

weco - 15 Pro Max, so all set!

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Various, all on iPadOS since iPads are the only Apple hardware I’ve ever bought. I’ve never bothered to report any of them since googling them has always revealed others who see the exact same bug and HAVE reported them. But I suppose some are more rightly described as extremely unintuitive “ways of doing” that are simply maddening.

As for examples, I have a running list that I’ll have to dig up…