Come on Apple! We need some AI announcements!

I’d like to hear Apple announce a HUGE AI performance improvement is in the offing for M4. I need an NVIDIA-like stock pop!

I haven’t bought more AAPL in almost ten years, and it could be that much longer before I (or my heirs) sell any, so stock pops aren’t all that interesting to me. I’m all for anything that makes their products better, or expands their offerings. It is the delivery of such things, and the sales that follow, that gets me excited. Announcements, not so much.

(AAPL is currently 18.8% of my portfolio. I expect that to go down, but only because I expect some other companies I own to do even better!)

I haven’t bought AAPL in over a decade either, and it holds much more than 20% of my net worth, which it has done admirably for the past decade and more. “Rebalancing portfolios” is for cowards. :wink: But with NVDA soaring due to AI, I have FOMO (though I do have a few tens of shares of NVDA as well, bought over a year ago). Almost bought some more today, but really, how much higher can NVDA go? Could it be a 2x or even 3x from here? It already has a 2 trillion market cap! I expect there to be a significant pull-back if only due to “profit taking”. There will be other times to buy…or so I hope.

Well, happily, it’s been 3 decades since my last AAPL purchase, so also a pretty high percentage of our portfolio, rode out many dips and rises over those decades, but also happily absorbing the dividends that were not there in those early years…

So, retired over 20 years, purchasing additional shares is off the table, selling, unlikely as well… But I’d like to see new tech breakthroughs in the recent times, we’ve replaced our desktops with M2 & M3 chipped machines, as well as new iPhones, so hardware is good to go, we used our older MBA over last weekend, a reminder of ho slow things can be, useable, but I could see a replacement there, too, for a travel laptop or iPad…

AI, I haven’t fiddled with, so far, but it will be interesting to see where it goes…Waiting n watching…

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Well I would like to see it but have my doubts. Siri has trailed Alexa and Google for several years now and has shown no major effort at getting ahead of them. It’s almost as though they’ve said “Good enough is good enough” rather than “We should be demonstrably better.”

Apple clearly has the resources to back a big push, but I await any news, either official or otherwise, that they’re committed to doing it.

Congrats to the long Apple holders, well done! It was a data point for me as an investor that I miss out because too itchy minded, letting bought earlyish at low cost points after doing solid research APPL, Intuitive Surgical, and TSLA go. Idiot me.

I think Apple is doing a very long game strategy on AI, just as they are with immersive interface. But I am an idiot who has done much better on my investing by shifting to bare land real estate that for some reason never makes my sell finger itchy.

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I first bought NVDA in 2001 when it was at a split-adjusted $1.30. It’s now 4.6% of my stock portfolio. Am I a genius? No, I just invest in SP500 index funds.

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I am not sure how big a player Apple will be in AI unless it develops AI chips that can do a fraction of what Nvidia chips do for a much much smaller fraction of the cost. Apple is not like a lot of the companies that have grand plans for AI like Meta, Xitter, Google, and Amazon because unlike them Apple is not a harvester of the data that those companies are. Apple anonymizes much of the data it collects. Those companies don’t. That makes Apple’s data more secure for the users but less useful for Apple AI. That’s how I see it, but even my hindsight isn’t 20/20 so take it for what its worth.

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True, but I’m sure Apple would still like to be able to provide its customers with “smart” ways to search for stuff, like photos (“Hey Siry, show me all photos with uncle Leo and my sister together”), or greatly improve the smarts of Siry to execute commands. And in fact, AI promises to figure prominently in the next iOS update and the next generation of “A” and “M” chips, A18 and M4. Apple wants to keep boasting that their much hyped intuitive user experience is “magical”!