XDR makes Crowdsrikes more Dominant

When I was searching for what is the next leg for Crowdstrike before I got lost thinking Cloudflare would take over end point protection, Crowdstrike entered a new phase of partnering with The Crowdstrike Alliance.

Crowdstrike XDR Alliance is a unified and open Extended Detection and Response (XDR) coalition formed with security and IT operations leaders offers first of it’s kind integrated solutions for joint customers to protect their organizations from sophisticated cyber adversaries in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

More to the point of how Crowdstrike is newly becoming foundational to the ‘entire Security Stack’ you can read the free side of HHHypergrowth.com where Muji lays it out pretty clearly in my eyes. Here’s a little:
Crowdstrike join forces with Google Cloud, Service Now Okta, ZScaler, and others

expanding from endpoints into cloud workloads, then by making themselves a vital partner for Zero Trust and SASE Network ecosystems. All of that now expands with XDR.
The standard vision for eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) is, quite simply, EDR + SIEM + SOAR features all-in-one. That is, endpoint protection over a feed of all security data, integrating across that entire security stack with orchestration (aka integration) and automation capabilities. SIEM & SOAR want to consider XDR as their next-gen evolution, but CrowdStrike, in their Fal.con keynote, make it clear that they (as well as the industry minders like Gartner and Forrester) feel that XDR is the next-gen of EDR

The drop today has been attributed to a new Analyst at Morgan Stanley stating new competition for Crowstrike. I don’t see it. In fact I’m saying the opposite.


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To reference what Morgan Stanley did:

CRWD: Morgan Stanley set Underweight

• However, Fodderwala said that checks within the security industry “indicate CrowdStrike’s early leadership position is now increasingly challenged by more competitive next-gen EDR alternatives.” Fodderwala said that competitors have come in and undercut CrowdStrike’s (CRWD) prices by at least 15% to 20%, and that “this competitive dynamic will make sustaining CrowdStrike’s current pace of share gains more difficult” through 2022 as working from home reaches a more stable level.

• Fodderwala also set a price target of $247 a share, or about 13% less than the $284.30 level where the CRWD shares closed on Friday

Seeking Alpha: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3770641-crowdstrike-falls-4-as…