XPost. BRK board, Value vs Growth

There is so much angst amongst investors, newbies… but SURPRISINGLY amongst a lot of “oldbies”…
about Saul Stocks.

RalphCramden writes a GREAT post over on BRK.
Ralph writes that Mungo “gets it”. IMO, Ralph “gets it”.

RalphCramden makes sense!

Me here: A lot of “investors” have some remedial work to do. They need to learn or relearn 2 things

  • “Value investing” in CONTRAST TO “Growth investing”.
  • and their own Risk Tolerance. If an investor has been investing in individual stocks for more than 3 years… then she/he SHOULD have some grasp of her/his risk tolerance.

BTW. RalphCramden posted several more after the one linked. I agree with his comments.
Here’s one that made my laugh. It’s in the “truth hurts” category:
Saul continues to post monthly and his port is down which he accurately reports.

Its not that you are a broken record, its that you have erased what is actually written and made up lies.

There’s a meme in investing that if a company is “the target” of wannabees, then that company is doing it right, ie it’s the BEST… so invest in that company.

“Saul Stocks” is that “best” that many wannabees wannabee.