Fire Wannabees KnowledgeBase?

As AJ points out, there is no KnowledgeBase associated with this board.

Micheal… as you pursue the answers you seek, perhaps you could build a KnowledgeBase? And get it pinned to this board?




have provided a start?

I would add:
Be CERTAIN that you understand what is RISK TOLERANCE.
And, have some idea of YOUR risk tolerance. Your risk tolerance will change over time.

Everytime there’s even a moderate “correction”, the emotions come out. And we readers/observers are treated to sob stories.

Study “Volatility”… it’s the stepmother of risk tolerance.

There are two investing philosphies: value and growth.
Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway have made VALUE investing a stalwart. These typically abhor volatility, they want stability, and have lower risk tolerance.

Saul’s board practices Growth investing, and specifically HYPER-growth. These folks KNOW there will be volatility and typically REQUIRE a higher risk tolerance.

Study “value investing” and how to evaluate a company for value investing.

Study “growth investing” and how to evaluate a company for growth investing.

IMO a lot of the angst being thrown at Saul’s investors is due to the writer NOT understanding the difference between value vs growth, not understanding their own Risk tolerance, AND just coat tailing some body on an internet board.

And, a value investor typically has a different (lower) risk tolerance than a growth investor… and when volatility happens, there are emotional responses.

Ponder how you will feel if 50% of your “wealth/retirement funds” disappear in a couple months.
Especially if you “bought at the top”.

You are fixing to get on the roller coaster.
Right now, May 12, 2022, you can be reasonably certain your not buying at the top. But, is this the bottom?
That’s the hard question.
YOU are responsible for your decisions.
This board is NOT responsible.
It’s all on you.
We’ll offer comments, criticisms, some general advice.

Good luck on your journey.