Yeah, I know, bitcoin is too squirrely

Bought a smidgen of BITX. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My friend who made a career out of advising federal employees on their stocks sent me this. I guess he has been studying trends whatever.

Bitcoin to explode to new peaks:
◦ Wall Street first entered the crypto market mid 2023. Since January of 2024, in less than 4 months, bitcoin value is increased over 80%.
◦ Although bitcoin remains speculative, it is no longer a new phenomenon. First created in 2008, there is now 16 years of data with which to analyze cyclical trends.
◦ On April 19, 2024, bitcoin experienced another halving event; the number of new bitcoins created is now halved.
◦ Foreign markets will soon enter the bitcoin market with their own investment vehicles available to non-US retail investors.
◦ At the end of April, 2024, we are under the influence of the most powerful geocosmic trading event of the year. Many markets including stocks, gold and energy are likely to break to new peaks.
◦ BITO and BITX and others are exchange traded funds (etf) by which retail investors can enter this exciting, albeit volatile market segment.


I shook the cage but no reaction.

Oh well. I do always have one or two non-Saul stocks in a friendly attempt to beat Saul’s YTD by using Weegee Boards and monkeys that point at the best stocks to do this.

I can afford to lose the money I put into BITX mainly because I have lost so much in 2022 (I think it was 2022) that I am numb.

Do I know anything? Well the excitement that I just might drives my wild choices. Pretty wrong these days. But when I hit 33% a couple months ago I trimmed enough to pay for 23 days of eBike tours in Europe. It didn’t stay that high for long.

I am in the “go go” years of my retirement.
Then the “go slow” years will come.
Then the “no go” years followed by the . . . [drum roll] . . . . . “oh oh” years.


Hi MSlob:

Great to hear you’re still jetting around the world living the good life.

Personally, I don’t think Bitcoin is all that “Squirrely”: The good people over at the tech savvy I/O Fund have a bunch of the stuff and further espouse, celebrate and routinely cover it. It’s just that us common working folks struggling to make a few shekels with tiny Trading Blocks simply can’t build a stash of the stuff at 60-70K a pop. Now - “Weegee boards and monkeys” might be an entirely different story and if they really work for you most of us can afford them by using one of those buy now pay later companies. The question for me would be how many monkeys per “Weegee board” and how long does it take for the cash to begin just rolling right on in. To summarize:

Bitcoin - out of my reach

Weegee boards and Monkeys - sounds like a good fit.

Final Note: What kind of monkeys?

All the Best,
BDH Investing


"Final Note: What kind of monkeys?

All the Best,
BDH Investing"

BITX is 58% YTD
Only NVDA beats it in my portfolio (89% YYD)

BITX is a “highly volatile” ETF that is available thru my 457 Charles Schwab fund. Would not buy straight bitcoin.

I get this huge warning when I do make the purchase. What me worry?
Only stock in the green right now on my iPhone Stocks that tracks my portfolio.

Good to see you poking around us Fools.

Living up to my name,