Your New $3,000 Couch Might Be Garbage in Three Years

… but what of my $9,000 vicuna sweater?

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{{ The lifespan of your new sofa may be much shorter than you expect.

Instead of once-a-decade purchases, furniture makers and restorers say, couches are becoming more like fast fashion—produced with cheaper materials, prone to trends and headed to the landfill after just a few years. High-quality sofas still exist, pros say, but they are harder to find. Mass-market options, even those that cost over $3,000, are increasingly made with less sturdy materials and construction methods. }}

When I graduated from engineering school way back in 1977, I bought a Brazilian leather sofa and a knock-off Charles Eames recliner, also with leather upholstery. Still using them today nearly 50 years later – I imagine they’re fully depreciated by now.