I May Be Psychic

I’m so poor I can’t afford new socks. Well, I could but I would regard that as a waste of money. So all my socks have holes in them. This morning as I pulled on one of my holey socks, my toe got caught in the hole. So I had to pull it back, adjust it, pull it back up, toe got caught again, pulled it back again, adjusted it again, pulled it on. I sat for a moment before making the attempt to pull on the second (holey) sock, lamenting my sock situation. “I wish I had some new socks,” I said to myself. I really did. Then I pulled on my other sock (without struggle this time, thank Jesus for small favors), slipped into my slippers and went out to my mailbox. There was a thick envelope from some charity that said “Please Give Now” and so on. It was thick. Sometimes they put notepads and other useful little goodies in these things so instead of tossing it in the dumpster (conveniently located next to my mailbox) I took it inside and opened it, hoping for a free pad or pen. Turns out it was thick because there was a pair of socks inside. I kid you not. They’re a lovely blue with tiny flowers on them. I’m wearing them now.

True story.


good for you

“I’m so poor I can’t afford new socks. Well, I could but I would regard that as a waste of money. So all my socks have holes in them.”

In the old days, folks would darn the holes in the socks so they would last longer. Guess that’s not so easy these days with synthetic materials or athletic socks.

I wind up buying a package of socks every two years at the WalMart. Doesn’t break the bank.

I"ve got lots of old tee-shirts I wear…usually last 10-15 years but have a few from 20-25 years ago that were of excellent quality and lasted. The crappy ones died by now. Think I paid 2 or 3 bucks a shirt in Thailand as souvenirs for a half dozen of them. When they get holes (usually under arm) they go in trash.

Shoes last about 2 years here…

I probably spend about $100-$150 year for clothes. Could get some for less at Salvation Army (better than Goodwill here) on senior day for low low prices. Usually buy from WM new.

Fancy clothes are not my thing.



If you ever want socks that will last for years buy a few pairs of Cloudline. I have three pairs going on 7 years right now also some newer. They do cost a bit more but I can attest to their longevity. The pairs going on 7 years are the hiking socks, but wear them everyday in Winter/Fall.


Gosh! Even poor people can get new socks, maybe for some they’re second hand from thrift shops/rummage sales. But discount stores are pretty cheap–I just bought 8 pair of thickish ankle socks for the hubster for $12 (IIRC) at Target. He has lots of socks, but he’s unable to put them on/off himself (advanced dementia), and it’s hard for me to do it with tall socks as he either won;t or can’t flex his ankles, point his toes, and hold up his feet. Next fall I want to find looser tall socks. Maybe tube socks…

I’ve been working poor and could always afford new socks–you only need maybe a dozen pair, after all. When I was well off I bought better quality socks. I still own a few pair of Thorlo hiking sox bought ~15 years ago and well used when we were campers.

I buy stupidly expensive socks. SmartWool medium or thick crew. I wear them year round. They breathe, have extra cushion in the ball and heel of the foot. You could wear them for a week straight and they wouldn’t smell. You can wear them on vacation and wash them in the sink and they’re dry by daylight. The heavy ones double as slippers.

I bought a few pairs for my mom and she threw out the cotton old ones she had. Convert.

One pair outlasts half a dozen cotton.

I buy stupidly expensive socks. SmartWool medium or thick crew.

I do, too. And when they eventually get a hole in the toe or heel, I use some heavy thread and stitch it closed, and the socks are then good for another few years.


DW used to knit socks - but stopped after a few pair. I still have a few of them - but I have
been using medium to firm compression socks for a few years. The compression ones last fairly
well - most I have now are over 5 years old. I had to throw a couple pair out because of holes
but they maintain the compression fit better than I expected. The brand is “Quality Choice”
and are distributed through C.D.M.A. out of Novi, Michigan. They sold for $15.99 a pair - which
was a lot better price than was available at the chain drug stores and such. I have not bought
any for about 5 years - retirement has caused the socks to wear out much less frequently.



I May Be Psychic

I think you drew the wrong conclusion. It sounded to me that your socks were psychic, being aware that there were replacements sitting in the mailbox and choosing self-destruction over competition. Perhaps in the future instead of discarding them so cavalierly you should consider providing them with therapy.


Since my wish for socks worked out so well, this morning I wished for 50 million dollars and to be married to Gal Gadot.

Nothing yet but it’s still early.

I’ll let ya’ll know what happens…