Kaboom USA Israel? Turkey Alliance?

Zeihan irritates me and is often sloppily overconfident, but this video of his is extremely interesting and had significant implications for investments and more. Worth a look.

I put it in a new thread because the current Gaza Israel threads have more to do with moral perspectives than macro analysis, and I have no problem with that (I am still reading them!), but I request people keep this one focused on geo-political and economic issues in the most cold-hearted clear minded Hobbesian mode possible.

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…and now this:

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I enjoyed his Bretton Woods talk which was repeated ad nauseam but then I too became bored or irritated.

About putting American boots on the ground in Gaza, maybe Hamas does attack them and then America finishes the job of eliminating Hamas. Just hoped for unintended consequences. :wink:

The Captain


The US does not have to have boots on the ground. Depending on where the dock is Gazans independent of Hamas could handle the supplies. Quietly the tribal leaders will become a more central part of things.

Obama did not hate working with people. That is an old myth. Wonder who would say such a thing to use someone else.

Many of the Gazans are leaving the south.

The Muslim Brotherhood is watching this war closely. There can be other wars coming out of this depending on the results.

The Erdogan theory is not what the Americans want. He is tying things together from far too far out.

Did he say Turkey is more democratic? He has no idea. There is a reason he hates dealing with this as he says. He is not good at dealing with it.

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He is expecting Biden to leave out Israel, SA, UAE, and Qatar? To side with Turkey?

Russian, NK, and Iran would love this.

Europe, SK, and Japan would get their oil in thimbles.

Not a chance. America never has finished a job in the middle east. Usually they take a bunch of casualties and then withdraw.

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Our investments in Japan and Germany suited our industrial age ambitions. The only Middle Eastern country that does that is Israel. It is not for lack of wishing it was otherwise. Meaning we would add to the list.

I hate to admit it but there are scars of colonialism. The problem is the blame can only go so far. The blame can only go on so long.

Blame has always been in the wrong hands as well. Used to use the public.

The expiration date on blame has been long over.

In the video Zeihan speculates on the USA dumping alliance with Israel and its maybe sorta hidden partners Saudi and UAE and Qatar to shift instead to Turkey. Sorry I did not summarize in my OP.

Captain and Leap. useful observations. Thnx to you both. Hey wow!, think of that. May tolerant co-existence and concord spread from us to the world.

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