Zillow, revisited

I heard Cramer interview Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff yesterday on his show.

Zillow share prices are down, and right now I could get puts with low, low strikes. (A $75 strike gets you in at $70) I might try that.

Basically they seem to have slowed a little bit because of the approval and compliance related to the merger.

I know Saul sold Z a while back (I am going to have to memorize the post #s for that index and the table of contents / manifesto so I can go back and read again and again…)

But it’s tempting. Except when I look at earnings, right?

I am confusing Netflix with Zillow, I think. It is Netflix that expects to become profitable in 2017.

These forward-facing companies and big brands are tempting.


I bought Z on Monday at $96.48 before I found out about the Tuesday presentation. The stock was down a lot from the high at around $165 and 95 looked like reasonable support:


Mr. Market went crazy on Tuesday but thought it over on Wednesday closing at $95.62. With Trulia under its belt Zillow Group is a powerhouse in real estate, both in sales and rentals. :wink:

Denny Schlesinger