Zm and paid bashers

Convinced hedge funds try to knock down zm to either short or go long on dips - or both
Can’t even look at zm on Stocktwits
The amount of negative bashers is overwhelming.

Take a look at this post written by a paid basher


Convinced hedge funds try to knock down zm to either short or go long on dips - or both
Can’t even look at zm on Stocktwits. The amount of negative bashers is overwhelming. Take a look at this post written by a paid basher.

You shouldn’t miss this post by Musicali. He found a post on the MF Berkshire Hathaway board, written by a paid basher (with some remorse), describing his job, what he did to earn a living, and why he was assigned to do it, and why he is ashamed of what he did. He was leaving this basher job so he was willing to open up.

We get so many of these guys on our board (You’ll remember the guys who appeared on our board in March, to tear into Zoom. They sounded so earnest. We had never seen them before, and they disappeared after two weeks and have never appeared again.

At any rate, take a look at the post at the other end of the link.



Take a look at this post written by a paid basher

It’s interesting, worth a read, and explains a lot about why some stocks act the way they do. But in the long term I’m not sure it’s really relevant to how most people invest here, which is to invest according to the company’s performance. Most people aren’t day-trading, which is where presumably these bashers have the most power and effect.

The main takeaway for me is that there is so much money sloshing around the system, companies can pay bashers to help drive the price down so they can get in on a winner. This is how they can avoid surprises. The rest of us have to hold our breath every quarter: is the company still performant, or did something unforeseen happen? But not these guys. They can wait until they have actual news, then try to drive the price how they want. I imagine this may not always work, especially if other companies have paid bashers to drive the price the other way…it might just average out to noise.

But note that: “get in on a winner”. If a certain company has a blowout quarter, and the prospects look good for the next and the next, but the stock moves don’t seem to reflect that, then it’s just a waiting game. If the “bashers” are moving the stock down (and I have to say, I noticed even on the Fool the rehashing of old fears) they are eventually going to jump in, and then they will want a return.

What it feels like wrt a certain company is that a lot of players either didn’t believe the story, or they thought it was a one-shot quarter that would lead to a plateau. Now that growth expectations have been revised, they want in.

So, patience Padawans.

I am always a bit skeptical of “tell all” confessions. This one certainly has an air of authenticity, but that’s a little ironic given that it is an account of how a basher convinces his audience with threads of truth! In any case, it appears that the confession has been doing the rounds for nearly 20 years. Apparently the original was posted on in November 2000 and caused such a stir that it was removed quickly. But it then reappeared in many places.

Here’s a version from a MF post that seems contemporaneous with the origins of the confession, and points to the piece being an intended joke:…

A post dated 6/21/2008 on an Overstock message board provided an overview of the origins of the confession, and argues that paid bashing is unlikely to be a real phenomenom:…

We have all seen evidence of stock bashing, and as a newbie last year I found this behavior very unsettling. I was so very fortunate to stumble onto Saul’s board in search of credible expertise. This is such a special place.



I work for a company called Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein in Stamford, CT.

Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein

While I believe this story is fake, there are bashers and pumpers.


There are a lot of unpaid bashers as well.

Was reading some threads over in Reddit wsb (Wall Street Bets) and there were tons of comments about how “Zoom puts are literally free money”.

A lot of discussion the competition and they offer nothing.

On Hacker News a moderator said they were being overwhelmed by the number of posts on Zoom last month when the security concerns were going on. He wrote that almost half the submissions were about Zoom.

Also some people just cannot stand a winner. They were such an obvious beneficiary to the covid crisis.

A lot of shallow analysis going on:

  • Zoom has a 1600 p/e (revenue growth over 100% and they are making money)
  • Zoom sells your data to China (proven false)
  • Zoom has tons of security problems (why did the enterprises have no complaints before covid)
  • Teams, Facebook, Google, BlueJeans, Cisco provide exactly the same thing (no, their apps are trash, and Zoom “just works”)