Thoughts on Zoom Hiring and TEAM info

Hi everyone,
First, I want to thank you for all the knowledge, comments, feedback since my first posted this morning about the post about 300M “users”. I have so much to learn from the board.
Secondly, a bit about my personal finance: I am a saver, and currently has no debt, i hope to stay rational as much as i can especially as brand new stock investing (i usually believe in Index, follow FIRE movement, but the more i read the board, the more i am interested in chosing the right winners, because as we said, winner always win, or at least almost always). I also understand only to invest what I am willing to lose, I am a single female working with average income. I save up my cash and get introduced to this board recently and start my active investment. I also pay for the rules breakers and Stock Advisor services.
I did definitely learn a painful lesson by buying in a stock when it is at its highest ( last Friday morning, after reading positive news about ZM being added to the NASDAQ 100 and potentially S&P 500 - ZM meet all requirements except for the float shares which i believe is currently at 48%, not 50% as requirement, but it is another story since the choosing process quote by the board itself is both art and science", 300 M “users”, and potential growth. Right now I am already lost 20% of my initial cash buy selling ZM when it fall the same day. I still have about 60% of my cash in ZM, and from my average purchase at around $178, giving the current value, I am losing another 20% on paper. It is definitely painful. But i am doing my best to read up all news and to decide should I continue to hold it or take a loss and invest in other companies such as AYX, CRWD. It is painful to see my entire yearly saving gone within hours, please feel free to use my story to warn others sicne i would never ever ever want nyone to ever experience what i went though that day.
Now to the important part:

I have not seen anyone mention about HIRING. IMHO, current company hiring rates, how many are in sales, maybe can help shed more light on how much ZM grow? I did get discourage definitely when I scrolled down the open sales position and do not see as many jobs posted.
On Glassdoor, the company currently has 176 jobs open, when I put on sales, there are only 9 position open. There are also customer service jobs but not much, A lot listed for international market such as Japan, UK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND……
I would love to learn what you think, since many of you have more experience with these growth companies…
Lastly, from Microsoft earning report:…
TEAM is doing extremely well, even in the telemedicine with Northwell and many others…
"We saw more than 200 million meeting participants in a single day this month, generating more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes. Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users, engaging in rich forms of communication and collaboration, and two thirds of them shared, collaborated, or interacted with files on Teams. And number of organizations integrating their third-party and Line Of Business apps with Teams has tripled in the past 2 months.

In healthcare alone, there were more than 34 million Teams meetings in the past month. New capabilities enable providers like Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health provider to deliver first-class telehealth. And the NHS in the United Kingdom is using Teams to ensure staff have the tools they need to do their vital work.

Now that home offices are doubling as home schools, educational outcomes are at a premium. The combination of Teams and curriculum in OneNote and social learning with Flipgrid gives teachers a complete remote learning solution so that they can improve student outcomes. More than 183,000 educational institutions now rely on Teams. In the United Arab Emirates, more than 350,000 students are using Teams. In Italy, the University of Bologna chose Teams to move 90% of their courses for 80,000 students online in just 3 days.

20 organizations with more than 100,000 employees are now using Teams, including Continental AG, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, and SAP. Just last week, Accenture became the first organization to surpass 0.5 million users, and we expanded our partnership with NFL to include Teams, which powered their first-ever virtual draft."

The fact TEAM is bundled in with other Microsoft product is powerful, 200M daily meeting participants is huge, 75M active users, how is that compare with ZOOM?

To sum up, i am still holding Zoom and continuously reading the news, i do see other “short” hit pieces………

I would love to have your feedback. Once again, i am grateful for all the knowledge this board has been sharing.



Hi nv,

just FYI, if you capitalise 2/3/4 letter words, I’m going to think its a ticker for a company. TEAM is not Microsoft Teams, it Atlassian the company. ZOOM is some dodgy penny stock company, not Zoom (ZM) the company.

For any stock, we’re betting on the future. ZM for example, it can go up, stay the same or go down. It can go up, then go down etc. By putting a large proportion of cash in ZM, you were highly confident it was going to go up. And it has (to date) gone down.

The questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Why were you so confident it was going up?
  2. Why has it gone down? Were you wrong?
  3. If you had all your money back now, would you buy ZM today (at $138)?

The (very difficult) challenge with investing is to make those calls correctly over long periods of time.

I have a small position in ZM. If you accept that nobody could have predicted Covid19, then the returns of ZM to date are a large proportion due to ‘luck’. It’s not entirely luck for Saul and others, because they have huge experience in a) spotting long-term trends (video-calling) and b) moving very quickly when theres a short-term catalyst of their long-term trend (Covid19 = lots more video calling).

For example, Saul had 8.7% in ZM at end-of-January to roughly 23% now. He liked the story in January, and when the virus hit moved early and aggressively to expand his position, even when a) the rest of the world was freaking out, and b) saying “Zoom is the most overpriced stock ever!”.

I’m not that agile, and I don’t have huge experience. Thats why I’m up 3% to end of April, not 30+%. But it’s more important that I gain experience, observe what Saul and others do and why (they all share their reasoning) than get returns at this point.

Also, Saul’s maximum position size is in the 20%s. Saul is a genius at investing. So your 60% is… worth reconsidering.

I know Saul, Bear, Chris and others here make it look easy. But please note that investing is very, really, hard and it is really easy to lose money.



Also, Saul’s maximum position size is in the 20%s. Saul is a genius at investing. So your 60% is… worth reconsidering.

Greg makes a wise point here. Sometimes genius is just knowing your limitations. :slight_smile: Saul doesn’t try to time the market and says in the KB that picking great companies to invest in is easier than picking great companies AND getting the timing right. I have a lot more to say about portfolio management and position sizing, but it’s OT for Saul’s board, so I posted it here:


PS - If you’re new to the board please read this: Incredibly helpful stuff to help you get caught up.


Zm is is growing just fine without any sales people. That is a great thing not a problem, sales are coming to them without effort.

Long ZM