ZM startup contest

I would have liked to be in on this Zoom meeting. How many million dollar businesses will be built on the Zoom AP? Looks like more head to head with Teams.

the winner: Docket, a start-up in Indianapolis with an app to make meetings more efficient with collaborative agendas, note-taking tools, archives and task steps.

Zoom will be the next big platform for start-ups to build billion-dollar businesses.…

Here is a link to the Docket website

Long ZM


Sort of related but I don’t know if it was mentioned here. AirBnB has this cool new online experiences platform which I think will completely take off and it is based on … you got it… Zoom.



Hey Jeff,

Thank you for sharing this offering from AirBnB. I think it has a ton of potential. To pay $20 and learn from a chef in Mexico City how to make street tacos, or $14 to learn about card magic, or $10 to take a class on the best way to make pour over coffee… all powered by Zoom? Very compelling indeed.

There was a time when I was afraid of Facebook’s video meeting offering that came out to compete with Zoom, but it occurs to me that that solution does not work well for enterprise clients. It could never be used for what AirBnB is doing, for example.

Anyway, off to a Zoom meeting with the family…


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