Being like most of you, I’ve read a lot about viruses this year. Myself being a front-line Heathcare Worker, I start with and perhaps have a greater appreciation for thier business model.

My neighbor works for atop ten Investment House. The other day he commented that their customers have won over their entire company with their demands for use of Zoom. Apparently the whole Enterprise is adding Zoom Licenses for every employee due to this demand.

Starrob, on the Zoom TMF Premium Board posted this interview with Beth Kindig:
The blend of Zoom Video having virality across consumers from its freemium model combined with enterprise is the company’s strength strategically as the competitors do not have the virality component. In Q3, customers with more than 10 employees represented 62% of revenue with net dollar expansion rate of 130%. Globally, Zoom exhibits strong growth, as well, with revenue from APAC and EMEA growing 629% year-over-year.

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The advantage that Zoom Video has over competitors is that it is not just a B2B business but has a B2C component that makes the application viral. I think this is a important advantage that should not be discounted.

I’ve been really concerned about the competition between MS Team and Zoom for the Enterprise space. I think the CFO’s working for customer facing Enterprises might be influenced more than others. I’ll watch how this plays out with my current 8% position.