Zoom selected for Los Angeles Unified Sch Dist


Big news. With NYC probably the two biggest school districts in the country


Thanks Saul for sharing this info.

Do we know whether LAUSD is paying for this or is this free service provided by Zoom? Regardless, it is good to see more and more school districts starting to use Zoom back again.

Big win for Zoom ! Even if not a paid account, lays to rest any lingering security concerns.

I was curious to know what a school district as large as LA might bring to Zoom’s ARR.
The link mentions 1300 schools with 30,000 educators. That is about 23 educators per school.
Zoom’s typical pricing for Education is 1800$ / year for 20 hosts.
So going with one such account per school gives us 1800$ * 1300 schools = $2.34 million