Zoom & Videoconferencing Enhancement Tool?

I’m long ZM, and came across this article published today in Fast Company magazine titled
“Move over, Zoom. This magic interface is the future of videoconferencing
It’s called the Square.” And we need it, pronto.

Sure seems like an acquisition target that Zoom could snap-up and acquire to make it part of their videoconferencing technology…or perhaps it could be sold to all video conferencing companies similar to how Dolby Sound sold their technology to stereo manufacturers years ago.

From The Article:
“… The Square is just an idea, rather than a real product, but it’s grounded in established technology. The frame hides four small cameras, which combine their images to create a 3D version of you rather than a flat Zoom frame. That allows for far more immersion than your standard screen. As you look at the screen, it tracks your gaze, shifting its perspective through the parallax effect.What that all adds up to is a true sensation of presence. The Square presents people in 1:1 size, with a scene that has true depth. Done correctly, it would actually feel like a window, complete with eye contact.
“This isn’t just for a conversation, this is a desk mate,” says Rolston.

“The amount of human emotion this thing could convey would be great,” adds chief creative technologist Jared Ficklin. “There have been a lot of reports lately about the energy effort and stress to engage our cognitive senses in telepresence. It’s exhausting. One reason I’d postulate is that you’re missing the nonverbal feedback.” Cognitive researchers agree that this so-called Zoom fatigue actually exists. A mere second delay in answering someone on a typical video chat—which would be perfectly normal in person—can be perceived as a slight, or as a sign of lack of mental engagement.”