ZS announcements

“Competition may catch up” is not a helpful post. …
There is a difference between mentioning true competitive threats and just going around being an antagonist on everything.

Context is important. Tinker talked that Architecture is unique differentiator for ZS and on that I mentioned competition will catch up much faster than you imagine.

On your other comment, I think it is not a fair or true reflection. Consider this, on many things I don’t post, perhaps I agree with them?


I am long ZS. I have no idea what you think of any stocks, just that you like to be combative for the sake of being so

Hope you realize, it is not me but you who picked up this fight with me. I didn’t even respond to your post.

Like I asked, I didn’t make any specific comments about ZS stock rather about a comparison someone made. Why are you getting offended with that and throwing all these personal insults? Not sure what is your problem with me, but I hope you can go back and re-read the posts to see I haven’t started this.



Kingran, your posts 58908 and 58909 are a flagrant attempt to keep a personal argument going on the board, after it has been discontinued. Personal arguments are not permitted on the board and I’ve asked that they be stopped. If you continue, I’ll have your posts deleted. And don’t bother coming back and attacking me either.