Zscaler and BIG-IP from F5

A few weeks back, I suggested to our main company’s main NOC person, that they look at Zscaler. He had never heard of it, and I tried the best I could to describe what it is that they do – being a non-techy guy. He said he would look into it. So I asked him again two weeks later, and he said that it looks somewhat similar to what “F5 BIG-IP” is doing which they were considering. Apparently our new CIO had come a company where they used BIG-IP and was happy with the results.

Last week, the CIO and the NOC head had demoed the BIG-IP to the execs and they were rather pleased with the results so we now will get BIG-IP. Really, I don’t think they even seriously considered Zscaler from what I gathered. So there seems to be some competition with similar solution, but really I don’t know enough about the two to determine how similar the solutions are.



More on BIG-IP here:



Seems more like a competitor for OKTA than ZS. But I didn’t pay close attention to the video.

Hi tj,
That kind of people are not likely to use a company that they have never heard of. Perhaps if you told them that at their last conference the CEO of VMWare, and Scott Guthrie from Microsoft were keynote speakers, and Michael Dell gave a video address, that General Electric, etc, etc, are customers, that they were named a leader in Gartner for the 8th successive year, that they just were actually awarded FedRAMP Authorization for Secure Internet, etc, they might have felt more secure to investigate further.
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Just curious, how big is the company? How many folks in IT? Do they have a process for product evaluation or is it pretty much just a management decision based on whatever criteria they decide is relevant?

For reference, I worked at a very large firm with well over 100,000 employees and thousands of people in IT. No corporate wide IT decision would ever be made in this manner.

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