Just noting I have a watch on a bunch of stocks on volume vs. their peers. ZS has been running up like crazy, on high volume, and is not correlating with peers/market.

I haven’t seen any news pop out, but it seems like something is driving accumulation.


As was posted on another thread, this is probably due to Symantec’s earnings/call a few days ago.

They posted bad results, and blamed the losing market share to cloud driven solutions.

People are interpreting that as ZScaler specifically is stealing market share and these people are driving up the price of the stock. We will see when ZS posts earnings if this is true.


Thanks – sorry I must have missed the previous post.

ZS is the relative newby on the floor, disappointment in other cloud based platforms have a lot people and SB’s looking for smoother running operation. This could be it.

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Thanks – sorry I must have missed the previous post.

Here’s a link to the aforementioned previous post by Ethan


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