$1.50 Costco Combo Hot Dog & Soft Drink

Whenever I go to Costco I try to time it so I can indulge in one of Costco’s one quarter pound all beef $1.50 hot dogs** with a refillable cup of soda.

The 1/4 lb. hot dog and soft drink combos is Costco’s loss leader that’s easy on the palette and the pocketbook.

Also, I can buy packages of the exact same 1/4 lb. hot hot dogs in the store to take home with me.

We’re going to Costco later today and I’m going to do it again;-)

with all the fixings: catsup, mustard and chopped onion

"The $1.50 Costco Hot Dog Combo That Defies Inflation

The warehouse club’s popular food court item has stayed the same price since its debut in 1985 despite rising food costs

Costco is eating the higher costs of its popular $1.50 hot dog and soda combo so customers don’t have to.

The warehouse retailer has never raised the price on its hot dog combo, a fixture in the store’s food courts since 1985"

From Grocery & Household to a drug store and tire shop Costco has it all in my opinion.

(This “ad” was prompted by a story I found online but couldn’t copy.)

PS forgot to add:
I don’t own any Costco stock so I guess you could call my post “fan mail”?

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"The $1.50 Costco Hot Dog Combo That Defies Inflation

Mickie Ds has sold Coke, any size, for $1 for years. No longer. Now it’s $1.37.


Costco is excellent.

The constant scuttlebutt Wall Street hates the company. Costco undercuts greed.

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I like the Costco Cooked chickens. Got to be 5 lbs and $4.99 here, plus sales tax. Twice as big as the Walmart ones that sell for $6.50 here.

It provides lunch meat for a week - either in sandwich or a big chicken salad. Plus a dinner or two…and lots of stuff left if you want to make chicken soup.

Most sizes of food at Costco too large for one person…



I lost my taste for hot dogs several years ago. I lost my taste for pop a long time ago, before Miley Cyrus was born. So as far as I’m concerned, the $1.50 Costco combo is an alternative to bugs, leaves, and pond water. :slight_smile:


absurdly cheap $1.50 hot dog combo, but I was sad when the Polish hot dog was removed from the lineup