I don’t understand Costco. They carry one thing but not another. For example, they carry mayonnaise but not Miracle Whip. What is the deal? They carry French’s mustard and Grey Poupon. They obviously understand that some people like wine in their mustard. And I understand that they’re a ‘big box’ store and they can’t carry everything, but don’t they know that they are shunning a whole revenue stream? After all, not everyone likes mayonnaise. There are some of us that prefer a little more sugar and spice in our diet.

AC just doesn’t understand


Did yo tell Costco of your concerns?

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I’ve mentioned it to the manager.

AC still no Miracle Whip


Not a surprise. Many fast-food joints carry Coke, but not Pepsi… or flip it… same dif if you ask me. Yea, BBS still have their limits.!preWEB/

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They sell what sells the most to the most customers. Variety can be found at other stores. I shop at Costco for lower prices……that can come at a cost too……like how many bottles of shampoo, particularly the large bottles of shampoo will or do use in a yr.? Yes, I save money, but I may tire of the fragrance or something else about the product. Also, in the same vein, I bought shaving cream, I forgot how many cans I had to buy for the deal, but my goodness, I don’t shave my legs that often to justify multiple cans, nor shavers.

I was in business, and I think of buying things in volume is cheaper, but my extensive personal experience has taught, that it’s not so for me. Still I love Costco and Walmart. Some things at Walmart are cheaper than Costco, I still keep a price book which I started to do 22+ yrs.ago.

Lucky Dog

Bon Appetit!

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Yes, that is frustrating but I know that Costco has algorithms in place to track sakes on every item. If something falls below target, they discontinue the item.

That’s what really is frustrating. There are items I always buy and when that item is no longer carried, it makes me so frustrated as it’ll mean a trip to BJs and if I still can’t get it, I have to pay more in a supermarket. That said, Costco is truly my favorite store, though I spend a fortune there! I even buy my gas there and get my boosters ands flu shots at their pharmacy.

You’re right, I’ve never seen Miracke Whip there, though I only really use it on occasion now as I’ve really developed a taste for mayo. Whoda thunk!!


Nice ballo0ons ya gotz there, Tony!

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