1YPEG practice (KMX)

I’m sure I’m doing this wrong. Can someone please let me know what?

KMX (CarMax) Fiscal Year Ended Feb 28, 2015

2015 Net Earnings: $597.4M (aka trailing earnings?)
2014 Net Earnings: $492.6M

Today’s stock price: $71.70

PE: 597/71.7 = 8.3

Earnings Growth: 597 - 492 = 105

Rate of Earnings Growth: 105/492 = 21%

1YPEG: 8.3/21 = 0.39

Thanks for the feedback… Bob

Hello Rob,

The E in PE is earnings per share. take your earnings; divide by number of shares and divide the answer into the price.

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Hi Bob,
I’m kind of a novice at this as well, so somebody else might want to double check my work. But first thing is you need to put everything in per share. A raw earnings number doesn’t mean much, we own shares, so each dollar earned is spread out across all the shares. In general, use “diluted” shares for a more accurate picture. Saul recommends using non-GAAP numbers for a variety of reasons, if you want to dig into this, theirs a wealth of information in the FAQ/Knowledgebase. That being said, I find the Carmax financial reports particularly difficult to decipher, so I’ll use the numbers they reported, I assume they’re GAAP, but I have trouble deriving non-GAAP numbers from their reports. Anyway:

2013 EPS 2.16
2014 EPS 2.67

Growth = (Cur Yr EPS-Last Yr EPS)/Last yr EPS = (2.67-2.16)/2.16 = 23.6%

Today’s closing price = $71.70

PE = Price per share/Earnings per share = 71.70/2.67 = 26.9

1YPEG = PE/growth = 26.9/23.6 = 1.14

Hope this helps (hope it’s right as well)


Thanks, it’s starting to make more sense.

Nice explanation, Brittlerock.

Your numbers are the same ones I came up with for KMX.