2021 Tesla Impact Report

Yesterday Tesla released its 2021 Impact Report (https://www.tesla.com/impact).

Chock full of truly impressive numbers and charts. The report itself goes into far more detail than the descriptive web page.

At the end, from page 117 to 121 are summaries of everything. I’ve covered only a bit below. Well worth reading at least the summary pages. What an amazing company!

Our Impact
Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In pursuit of this goal, we build products that replace some of the planet’s biggest polluters — while trying to do the right thing along the way.

The report covers “People and Culture”, “Environmental Impact”, “Supply Chain”, and “Product Impact”.

Some highlights…

Slams ESG ratings: “Current environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting does not measure the scope of positive impact on the world. Instead, it focuses on measuring the dollar value of risk / return.”

“Tesla solar panels have generated more electricity than has been consumed by our vehicles and factories between 2012 and 2021”

“We strive to be the best on every metric relevant to our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. To maximize our impact, we plan to continue increasing our production volumes and the accessibility of our products.”

“We created nearly 100,000 direct new jobs in a decade. While many manufacturers are trimming their operations, we are growing as quickly as is feasible.”

“Whether it is through our direct hiring opportunities, internships or workforce development programs, interest in joining Tesla’s mission is at an all-time high. We had more than 3,000,000 unique applicants globally in 2021 alone.”

“The biggest environmental impact is achieved through early displacement of ICE vehicles and replacing them with EVs. Additionally, we want to displace fossil-based energy generation with renewable energy generation.”

“We will not be content until all our factories are carbon neutral, and there are other projects that we are working on to further reduce emissions. In order to reduce the cost of our vehicles and batteries, we also need to use less energy to produce them.”

“Tesla’s battery packs are designed to outlast the vehicle.”

There’s an extensive description of their vehicles’ “Crash Avoidance” mechanisms.

“After the introduction of Tesla Vision (a vision-only system that excludes radar), our active safety ratings with IIHS improved.”

“Our algorithm uses vehicle sensor data and, within tens of milli-seconds of impact, determines what type of impact has occurred and triggers the seatbelt pretensioners and airbags to respond in the most optimal way down to the millimeter and mile per hour.”

“Fire incidents are ~11x lower for Tesla vehicles than the average vehicle in the U.S.”