2022: Strong Consumer

Because of course, those that the reporters and editors and bankers consort with are a true sampling of the populace.

Running up debt for a McMansion?


SmartWatch # whatever?

No not in this case.

It’s eggs and milk. (Mind you, hopefully cage-free-swam-in-saltwater-pool-and-earned an MBA chickens who laid those eggs)


“More people are paying for groceries with buy now, pay later apps as inflation pinches”

Yep, this will end well.

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And of course, even burritos can be bought on the installment plan.


“I Bought a Burrito From Chipotle in Four Easy Payments”

Here’s to the innovation.

And the great influence and institutionalization…

With a credit card just about anything can be bought on the get poor quick plan.

The Captain

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Yet so many are embracing - 4 payments for a burrito.